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Durable Custom Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

Cooling band is composed of cooling-sheeting rolls, knotty stainless steel band conveyor and crusher. The kneaded thermal materials output from extruder is sheeted at thickness of 1-1.5mm. The rolls are cooled by water and air. The sheeted tape material is transported to crusher and cooled by fans continually. The crushed chip material falls down to the chip trolleys.
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Cleaning operation:

The machine is installed with a button for cleaning, when the protection covers are open, turn the mode selection switch to maintenance mode and press the button to move the cooling belt, the speed of the belt is less than 10mm by special designed circuit, please refer to circuit diagram for reference. The button is hold to run type, once loose the button, the belt will stop. User can use water to clean the belt. After cleaning finished, cover the protection covers back, turn the mode selection switch to running position, the machine can work in normal state.

The machine body is installed with four wheels for moving convenience, and the two wheels under the pressure rollers are equipped with brake devices, when the machine is located the right position, step the brake device, the machine could be locked in fixed position.

Attention: the machine should be lay down on even solid surface and combined with extruders to use.



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