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Custom Powder Coating Equipment

Topsun, a customer company specializing in powder coating extrusion, offers several features and options for their twin screw extruder and powder coating line. They prioritize durability and safety while ensuring efficient production processes. Here are the key points:

Side Feeder Option: The twin screw extruder for powder coating extrusion can be equipped with a side feeder as an optional feature.

Wear-Resistant Components: The extruder's wear sections, including barrel liners and screw elements, are made from special materials like CPM/W6Mo5Cr4V2 to enhance their durability.

Torque Limiter: A torque limiter is installed between the main motor and gearbox, acting as a secure safety device in case of abnormal incidents, apart from the standard coupling.

Lifting Device Options: In addition to pneumatical and hydraulic types, Topsun offers a mechanical lifting device for easy barrel opening of the twin screw extruder.

Powder Coating Extrusion System: Topsun's acrylic-based powder coatings extrusion system features a double butterfly valve type airlock, alongside rotor type discharging for the air classifier mill (ACM).

User-Friendly Control Panel: The twin screw extruder's control cabinet incorporates an HMI interactive touch panel, providing a user-friendly interface for operators.

Airlock Variations: The air classifier mill (ACM) employs a double butterfly valve type airlock, complementing the rotor type discharging mechanism.

In-Line Weighing System: During the milling process, Topsun's system utilizes an in-line type auto weighing system with double screw discharging to ensure accurate calculations for the finished powder boxes.

Compact Air Classifier Mill: Topsun's compact type air classifier mill is designed for small batch milling, optimizing space utilization.

Comprehensive Control Cabinet: The air classifier mill (ACM) is operated through an HMI and PLC-based control cabinet, enabling efficient control and monitoring.

Double Line Weighing System: The air classifier mill (ACM) is equipped with a double line type auto weighing system, offering a compact design and precise measurements.

Efficient Cooling Design: The mill chamber is designed with top view configuration to enhance cooling results during the milling process.

Enhanced Powder Separation: Topsun incorporates a double cyclone system in their design, ensuring maximum efficiency in separating finished powder.

Optional Vibrating Sifter: As an alternative to rotary sieves, Topsun provides an ultrasonic type vibrating sifter with stainless steel mesh for added convenience.

Temperature Control: The control cabinets are equipped with an air conditioning cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.



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