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Steady General Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

This kind of cooling belt is used for hot melt materials to cool down and squeezed toughly, through conveyor belt convey to the crusher device and then crushed to flake materials for grinding and classifying .
For the materials, their thickness is 1-2mm, and crushed flake materials width is 5-10mm.
This is necessary equipment to cool down and squeez and crush for thermosetting powder coatings .
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  The design of the cooling belt is unique and when in operation , it is stable and strong suitability, the thickness can be adjusted at random, and conveyor belt is adjusted by inverter and few maintenance.

Technical parameter

Pls see the Excel form attachment below mentioned.

Installation and commissioning


It is installed on the flat ground.

Inspecting the positions of connecting and transmission, during the transportation period, it is loose or not .

Adjusting the castor and move it freely .

Worm reducer is added into lube or not .

Setting cooling water tube, inspecting the water flow is smooth or not, and leaks or not .

Connecting power with 3 phases and 4 lines.

Commissioning :

Inputting cooling water.

Adjusting control power switch, it is positioned on OFF position, and adjustment button is located in Zero position.

Connecting to power and when in power, it is in trial run . pressing work button( Green color),  speed adjustment reducer starts and fan motor is in operation .

When speed adjustment controller power switch is turned to ON position, the red light indicator is ON, and rotating button slowly, confirming the conveyor belt rotation speed is correct or not .

After confirmation, observing speed rotation meter and adjusting to 300 rpm or so, and let it trial run for 5-10 minutes, observing the transmission positions transmission is normal or not or unusual noise occurs, for cooling sealing positions, they leak or not .

On the basis of above mentioned , adjusting the speed to 50rpm, using acetone to clean the rollers and sth dirty on the conveyor belt and make preparation for the formal production .

After finishing adjustment, following above mentioned procedures to stop the machine.



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