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Cheap Custom Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

The Cooling band and crusher system of our series are used to cool and crushing the extruded products.

When the extruded products pass through two chilling rolls, they are pressed to a flat melt with 1-2mm thickness. Then the temperature of materials decreases by pressured air to give the materials the best technical and quality characteristics.

After air cooling, the materials be crushed in to the 2-3mm2 flakes by double crusher rolls.

Main Characteristics

1. Easy operation

2. Adjustable film thickness

3. Adjustable of the caterpillar and crusher speed

4. Low cost with long working periods.

5. Part in contact with materials made by stainless steel
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  System cleaning :

    1,first taking out the crusher device

      Note : wearing gloves and be careful about your hand.

      2, cleaning rollers and open anti dust cover .

      Note :  it is prohibited to let hand and sth. Hard touch  the crusher position.

      3,cleaning the conveyor belt

      4, cleaning the outer surface of the machine, floor and other related positions.

       System parts :

       Below mentioned parts consist of :

       1, machine frame

       2, cooling and squeezing rollers

       3, conveyor belt system

       4, crushing device 

       5, cooling water system

       6, electric control system

(1)      machine frame :

it is welded through square pipe, upper and fron protective cover can be opened quickly and so it is easy to operate and clean .

(2)      cooling/squeezing roller system

the comparative position adjustment of two rollers are controlled by rotating screw, it is recommended that the thickness of flake materials is 1.5mm or so, cooling function can be realized by below mentioned method :

A.       can guarantee the max. width of the product.

B.       Let the cooling roller rotating at a minimized speed , the speed lower, then squeezing product more wide, then the max. production capacity can be guaranteed,  the speed of cooling roller can be adjusted to reach the max. width, the conveyor belt let the product being squeezed to cooling roller surface closely to obtain the heat exchange.

Knife scraper of the cooling roller is used to cut the sticky materials from the squeezing roller, this knife can protect the sticky materials from not being sticky between cooling roller and squeezing roller, then in this case the knife can protect the cooling roller properly .

Knife scraper at the crusher can prevent the materials from being stuck to the conveyor belt when in test run or producing for shorter time, otherwise this will damage squeezing roller and conveyor belt .



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