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High Quality General Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

General Description
This serious of cooling belt is composed of cooling rollers .The hot molten thermal materials discharged from extruder will be squeezed & crushed into flakers with thickness of 1-1.5mm . Air filtration & heat exchange system can be selectively equipped .
1. Stainless steel belt strips and half-sealed cooling system
2. Adjustable thickness and rollers speed
3. Roller and crusher equipped with mechanical overload protection; various kinds to meet different output requirements
4. Safe to operate
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Work stop procedures :

When work finished, restoring the rotation speed button to Zero position, turning controller power switch to OFF position, pressing stop button

(red color).

When in operation, there is need to emergency stop, and you can press the emergency stop button .

Notice Items :

When squeezing, it is prohibited to rotate and adjust the thickness of squeezing in operation , the conveyor belt conveying belt can be adjusted as per demand .

When stopping, the thickness can be adjusted, adjusting the clearance or distance between rollers, the suitable thickness is 1-2mm.

When in operation , for conveyor belt conveying speed, as per extruder production capacity , material temperature, environment temperature and squeezing flake materials cooling speed to some extent, the speed can be adjusted suitably .

Enough cooling water flow volume with enough pressure is guaranteed.

Because the cooling capability is not strong,  the rollers are sticky, in this case , the cooling belt should be stop at once , and meanwhile shut off the feeding motor of extruder, and reduce the rotation speed of extruder, and the extruded materials can be picked up temporarily, when the materials on the rollers and conveyor belt is cooled well, the hand wheel for thickness adjustment is turned and increase the distance between the rollers and clean sticky materials on the rollers and conveyor belt, , they can be cleaned by acetone, it is prohibited to use scoop and screw driver.

 For picking up materials from the extruder at that time , they can not be squeezed again . this is harmful for rollers .

Maintenance and Service

Per shift when the work is finished, surfaces of squeezing rollers and caterpillar type conveyor belt should be cleaned by acetone.

When the working time reach 500 hours, the transmission parts should be cleaned by diesel oil or petroleum oil and coat lube so that they can keep lubricant and reduce abrasion to the minimum .

For worm reducer, for the first time , the oil exchange time is after 300 working hours, later on , per 1000 hours ,the oil should be exchanged once,  20# lube should be added .

Sealing parts exchange :

When exchanging seals, first take out fixed roller cover, and wipe out rust and water scale from the fixed roller, coat the lube and replace the new seal parts.



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