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  • Dongsun(TOPSUN)as newly dynamic force in the powder coating production equipment manufacturing field ,we mainly focus on international market exploration in the past nearly 10 years , and win widely accepted reputation and image by providing high pricing &performance ratio& responsible service oriented equipment for powder coating production from overseas customers , we passed CE certification approval and ATEX explosion resistant etc international standards as per different regions and countries requirements , and also exported to nearly 30 countries and regions , we do know how to meet their diversified and customized made request, Nowadays we are more continuously willing to serve potential customers at home and abroad on the same business philosophy basis , powder coating production equipment as our carrier ,we will introduce our all round comprehensive service to the customers globally, by action both parties will establish and maintain long term cooperative relationship in the long run to let our mutual interaction and win to win come true .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Powder coating production is multiple processing of powder paint , as per powder coating formula,from weighing up and mixing as semi continous process to extrusion cooling and flaking, milling and sieving until get finished powder as full continous process , during this process , the production line comprising of container mixer, twin screw extruder, cooling belt with flaker, air classifier mill with sieve .

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What's the Twin Screw Extruder
2022 / - 03 / - 22

In modern industry, there are more and more types of machinery and equipment. Different kinds of products play an important role in different fields. It can be said that technology has changed life. The product we are introducing today is the Twin Screw Extruder. Basic information about Twin Screw E

What are the precautions for a mixer
2022 / - 01 / - 13

The mixer is an important piece of equipment in modern industry, it is simple to work with and easy to operate. It is therefore favoured by many companies. This article will summarise for the audience some considerations for using the mixer by explaining its working principle and characteristics. ·T

What are the mixer applications
2022 / - 03 / - 15

The mixer is one of the basic machines of modern industry. It is simple to operate and has a wide range of applications in many fields such as chemicals, pesticides, dyestuffs, and food processing. It works on a simple principle, relying on kinetic and mechanical energy to change the physical proper

What are the characteristics of mixers
2022 / - 02 / - 10

In modern industry, an increasing variety of equipment is being used, with different types of machinery and equipment playing different roles in various fields. An example is a mixer, which is a machine for mixing dry powdery and granular materials. It has a wide range of applications and can play a

How to use a Twin Screw Extruder effectively?
2022 / - 03 / - 01

As common extruder equipment, single screw extruder is used in the plastic processing industry with low noise, smooth running, high load capacity and long life. However, single-screw extruder is not the product we are going to introduce, our main character today is Twin Screw Extruder, which is a ki

Introduction of bonding mixer and maintenance measures
2021 / - 10 / - 20

Bonding mixer is a full-featured COB welding production equipment, the IC chip is precisely positioned on top of the LCD glass and bound device, the whole machine is composed of PLC + HMI control core. The image automatic alignment system PV310 completes the alignment data calculation of the target object, and the product is transferred from the platform to this press for binding and crimping after the alignment and pre-pressing is completed.

Why Grind Coal to Powder
2021 / - 11 / - 24

Many existing pulverized coal (PCF) power plants operate at a fixed, steady load (i.e., base load operation). However, there is a growing need for load following or flexible operation, which requires flexibility in most components of the plant. Flexibility and efficiency can be improved by tightly controlling the coal grinding plant. Below we present a few facts to give you an idea of the importance of ACM to grind coal into powder form.

Introduction of bonding mixer
2021 / - 11 / - 27

The main difference between the so-called bonding mixerand the common mixer is that the mixing process of the bonding mixer has a special treatment step of warming up and softening and bonding. This feature makes it more suitable for the mixing of metal-based powder coatings, i.e. metal powders.

What is the working principle of bonding mixers?
2021 / - 12 / - 22

​Bonding mixer is a kind of production equipment widely used in electronics, touch screens and other industries. It adopts pulse heating method with titanium alloy hot press head to realize the role of fast heating, fast cooling and accurate temperature control to effectively ensure product quality. Here's a look at the bonding mixer!

What has an impact on the working effect of Bonding mixer?
2021 / - 12 / - 17

​ Bonding mixer is a full-featured COB welding production equipment to accurately position IC chips on top of LCD glass and bind the device, the whole machine consists of PLC HMI as the control core.

Types of Milling Machines
2021 / - 12 / - 14

Some of the main types of milling machines are as follows.

The physical principle of Mixers.
2021 / - 12 / - 03

​With the development of the times, increasingly more types of machinery and equipment are being invented. These different machines have a variety of industrial applications and can play an important role in various fields. The machine we are introducing today is the mixer, which is a machine used to mix industrial powders.

Structure of Bonding Machine
2021 / - 11 / - 30

​The main difference between the so-called bonding mixer and the common mixer is that the mixing process of the bonding mixer has a special treatment step of warming up and softening and bonding. This feature makes it more suitable for the mixing of metal-based powder coatings, i.e. metal powders. The metal powder coating mixed by the Bonding Mixer has many advantages such as high gloss, good leveling, good metal fidelity, saving metal pigments, and recyclable landing powder. Although the ordinary post-mixer can also mix metal powder, but its performance is far from the effect of the Bonding mixer. Because of this, Bonding mixer is being more and more metal powder manufacturers are aware of and pay attention to. This paper will introduce to discuss its production application related issues.

Air Classifying Mills in Industry
2021 / - 11 / - 19

​What do carbon black, spices, pigments, tungsten carbide and calcium carbonate have in common? Their production represents 90% of the comminution methods used today to produce powdered materials: air classification, needle, hammer, jet and ball mills.

Application of ACM in the food processing field
2021 / - 11 / - 24

​Many nutritious plant stems, fruits, spores, etc., due to various reasons difficult to eat directly and digestible edibility is low. Traditional processing methods are difficult to make its full effect or processed into products with poor taste. Ultra-fine pulverization technology generally reaches the micron level to break the cell wall structure of plant and animal tissues to obtain the desired material properties. Many edible plants and animals can be processed into superfine powder by ultra-fine grinding technology. Even the inedible parts of plants and animals can be absorbed by the human body through ultrafine pulverization. The application of this technology expands human food sources, making nutritious but indigestible plants and animals into high-end food with edible or even health value. The ultra-fine grinding technology of the air classification mill can be used for more valuable processing of food products.

How to use a mixer effectively?
2021 / - 11 / - 26

​With the increase in the quality of life of people, different kinds of industrial products have started to appear. These products exist to help people achieve greater efficiency when working.

Air Classifying Mill Operation Process
2021 / - 11 / - 16

​The air classifying mill is an indispensable industrial pulverizer for the bulk solids processing industry. The overall design consists of a vertical, two-stage, closed-circuit grinding chamber and an interstage air classifying as a unit. The air classifying reduces the size of the material by impact with the high-speed grinding rotor. The screen frame is precisely mounted around the grinding rotor. It contains a screen and serrated jaws that provide additional shear and impact to accelerate the particles. An independently controlled internal air classifying separates out-of-spec particles and recirculates them back into the grinding chamber for further size reduction. As a result, air classifying mills are superior to single-pass impact mills for applications with difficult to grind products or where a narrower particle distribution is required.

Advantages of milling machines
2021 / - 11 / - 10

​Milling is a process performed with a machine in which the tool rotates to remove material from the workpiece in a direction angled to the axis of the tool. With the help of milling machines, one can perform many operations and functions from small objects to large ones. A milling machine is a tool that is mainly used in the metalworking industry. Milling machines are tools designed to machine metal, wood and other solid materials. Usually, automated milling machines can be placed vertically or horizontally to cut materials according to a pre-existing design. Typically, these machines are used to form solid products by removing excess material to form a finished product. Milling machines can be used for a variety of complex cutting operations - from slot cutting, threading and grooving to milling, planning and drilling. They are also used for undermolding, which involves shaping blocks of steel so that they can be used for a variety of functions, such as molding plastics or embossing.

A brief introduction to Air Classifying Mill
2021 / - 11 / - 05

The Air Classifying Mill is a vertical grinding mill, short for ACM, with an internal air classifying wheel and independent drive. It is typically used for milling heat sensitive materials and provides precise control of the "particle cutting point".



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