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  • Dongsun(TOPSUN)as newly dynamic force in the powder coating production equipment manufacturing field ,we mainly focus on international market exploration in the past nearly 10 years , and win widely accepted reputation and image by providing high pricing &performance ratio& responsible service oriented equipment for powder coating production from overseas customers , we passed CE certification approval and ATEX explosion resistant etc international standards as per different regions and countries requirements , and also exported to nearly 30 countries and regions , we do know how to meet their diversified and customized made request, Nowadays we are more continuously willing to serve potential customers at home and abroad on the same business philosophy basis , powder coating production equipment as our carrier ,we will introduce our all round comprehensive service to the customers globally, by action both parties will establish and maintain long term cooperative relationship in the long run to let our mutual interaction and win to win come true .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Powder coating production is multiple processing of powder paint , as per powder coating formula,from weighing up and mixing as semi continous process to extrusion cooling and flaking, milling and sieving until get finished powder as full continous process , during this process , the production line comprising of container mixer, twin screw extruder, cooling belt with flaker, air classifier mill with sieve .

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What are the characteristics of a container mixer?
2022 / - 11 / - 09

Finding the right blender requires a basic understanding of the market conditions for this type of product. So, what are the characteristics of the container mixer?Here is the outline:1. What are the characteristics of a container mixer?2. Why buy a container mixer?3. How to choose a container mixer

What are the advantages of container mixers?
2022 / - 11 / - 07

High-quality mixers are behind the production and processing of high-quality powder coating products. These instruments are the heroes behind the existence of popular paint products. So, what are the advantages of container mixers?

Are Container mixers Worth Buying
2022 / - 11 / - 09

The widely popular coating products must have their advantages in many fields. In any case, high-quality processing and production equipment is a necessary prerequisites for making high-quality powder coatings. So, are container mixers worth buying?Here is the outline:1. Are container mixers Worth B

What is the value of an extruder?
2022 / - 10 / - 28

Although some consumers have the processing and production needs of powder coatings, they do not know the applicable scope of various types of extruders, so they cannot make reasonable consumption choices. So, what is the value of an extruder?

What is the charm of the extruder?
2022 / - 10 / - 21

To produce better powder coating products, many manufacturers will consider purchasing various types of extruders. So, what is the charm of the extruder?

What is a quality extruder?
2022 / - 10 / - 14

Many coating manufacturers expect to purchase high-quality extruders to improve production and processing results. However, many consumers do not have a clear judgment on what is a high-quality extruder. So, what is a good extruder?

What are the characteristics of the extruder?
2022 / - 10 / - 10

To produce high-quality powder coatings or thermosets, there is nothing more important than a sophisticated machine product. It can be said that it is these machine products that make up a high-quality powder coating production line. So, what are the characteristics of the extruder?Here is the outli

What are the characteristics of a high-quality extruder?
2022 / - 10 / - 03

As we all know, the best way to know a person is in the details of his life. Similarly, the way to understand a powder coating processing instrument is to understand the characteristics of the instrument. So, what are the characteristics of a high-quality extruder?

What are the advantages of an extruder?
2022 / - 09 / - 30

Consumers who are familiar with the production of various powder coatings will not be unfamiliar with various production and processing instruments. So, what are the advantages of extruders?

How to choose an extruder?
2022 / - 09 / - 23

All kinds of powder coatings require deep processing of raw materials to obtain uniform and meticulous materials. At this time, high-quality extruder equipment is an essential process to help manufacturers produce high-quality products. To get twice the result with half the effort, smart consumers will know how to use a certain amount of time and energy to choose the right extruder. So, how should consumers choose an extruder?

Is an extruder worth buying?
2022 / - 09 / - 26

For those interested in long-term powder coating production, there is nothing more important than setting up one or more powder coating manufacturers. Among them, high-quality extruder equipment is a very critical factor. So, is an extruder worth buying?

How to choose an extruder manufacturer?
2022 / - 09 / - 23

High-quality manufacturers are the core guarantee of excellent paint production equipment. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy searching for a needle in a haystack to find a high-quality instrument in various instrument markets, it is better to work directly with a high-quality manufacturer from the very beginning. So, how can consumers find a quality extruder manufacturer?

Characteristics of Bonding Mixers
2022 / - 09 / - 03

Our Bonding Mixer of this series adopts movable container design, which can be applied to the mixing of various powder and granular materials. The whole process adopts PLC control system, with uniform mixing effect, high production efficiency and no curing particles.l Bonding mixer working principle

Benefits of processing food with ACM
2022 / - 09 / - 05

ACM can be used in the food industry where fine food processing is required, of which grains are an important branch, as they are a daily staple in many Asian countries. Let's introduce the Benefits of fine processing food with ACM.l Whole grains processed by ACMl The 6 major benefits of whole grain

Different kinds of bonding mixers
2022 / - 09 / - 09

The bonding process was first introduced by Benda Lutz when mixing metal effect powders, and later, many powder coating plants adopted this technology. The market demand for bonded metal powders will grow as the use of metal powders expands, the amount increases and the quality requirements improve.

Application of Bonding Mixers
2022 / - 09 / - 15

The Bonding process was first introduced by Benda-Lutz when mixing metal effect powders, and later, many powder coating plants have applied this technology. There are two types of Bonding mixers: single-cylinder and double-cylinder. Single-cylinder type is the first generation of products, bonding a

Application of ACM in handling coal
2022 / - 09 / - 10

The Air Classifier Mill is an air swept mechanical impact mill designed to grind a variety of materials to D97 < 20 µm. Its durability, reliability and precision make it one of the most popular industrial workhorses on the market. It can be used to process coal and help improve energy efficiency. He

How does an air classifying mill work?
2022 / - 09 / - 01

The Air Classifying Mill combines a mechanical impact mill with a dynamic air classifying. Ideal for continuous processing of large batches, this mill is one of the most widely used mills today for pulverizing dry fine chemicals, food and other materials.l Air Classifying Mill - Principle of Operati

Air Classifying Mill Operation Process With Hosokawa version ACM type
2021 / - 11 / - 16

​The air classifying mill is an indispensable industrial pulverizer for the bulk solids processing industry. The overall design consists of a vertical, two-stage, closed-circuit grinding chamber and an interstage air classifying as a unit. The air classifying reduces the size of the material by impact with the high-speed grinding rotor. The screen frame is precisely mounted around the grinding rotor. It contains a screen and serrated jaws that provide additional shear and impact to accelerate the particles. An independently controlled internal air classifying separates out-of-spec particles and recirculates them back into the grinding chamber for further size reduction. As a result, air classifying mills are superior to single-pass impact mills for applications with difficult to grind products or where a narrower particle distribution is required.

What are the precautions for a mixer For Metallic Powder Coating
2022 / - 01 / - 13

The mixer is an important piece of equipment in modern industry, it is simple to work with and easy to operate. It is therefore favoured by many companies. This article will summarise for the audience some considerations for using the mixer by explaining its working principle and characteristics. ·T



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