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  • Dongsun(TOPSUN)as newly dynamic force in the powder coating production equipment manufacturing field ,we mainly focus on international market exploration in the past nearly 10 years , and win widely accepted reputation and image by providing high pricing &performance ratio& responsible service oriented equipment for powder coating production from overseas customers , we passed CE certification approval and ATEX explosion resistant etc international standards as per different regions and countries requirements , and also exported to nearly 30 countries and regions , we do know how to meet their diversified and customized made request, Nowadays we are more continuously willing to serve potential customers at home and abroad on the same business philosophy basis , powder coating production equipment as our carrier ,we will introduce our all round comprehensive service to the customers globally, by action both parties will establish and maintain long term cooperative relationship in the long run to let our mutual interaction and win to win come true .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​