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Cheap General Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

The Cooling band and crusher system of our series are used to cool and crushing the extruded products.

When the extruded products pass through two chilling rolls, they are pressed to a flat melt with 1-2mm thickness. Then the temperature of materials decreases by pressured air to give the materials the best technical and quality characteristics.

After air cooling, the materials be crushed in to the 2-3mm2 flakes by double crusher rolls.

Main Characteristics

1. Easy operation

2. Adjustable film thickness

3. Adjustable of the caterpillar and crusher speed

4. Low cost with long working periods.

5. Part in contact with materials made by stainless steel
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Speed adjustment button is rotated to ZERO position ,

Turn controller power switch to OFF position,

When the red color indicator is OFF , pressing stop button( red color) .

Operation Procedures

Making full preparation before work :

Connecting cooling water.

As per production capacity and surrounding temperature, adjusting the thickness and handle wheel, adjusting the clearance, in most cases , 1-2mm is suitable.

Controller power switch and speed adjustment button are in “OFF” or zero position.

Operation procedures.

Pressing operation button and drive speed adjustment motor and fan motor in operation .

Controller power switch is turned to be “ON’ position and red color indicator is ON .

Rotating speed button, as per desired production capacity(ratio between flake materials width and caterpillar type conveyor belt width), adjusting conveyor belt conveying speed until it is normal operation .

When work finished, restoring the rotation speed button to Zero position, turning controller power switch to OFF position, pressing stop button



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