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Dongsun is a high-tech powder coating extruder manufacturer, and has established a good reputation in the industry by providing cost-effective products and services.
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Dongsun Powder Coating Extruder

Electrostatic powder coating twin screw extruder as main focus among electrostatic powder coating manufacturing steps is most popular , comprsing of feeding , conveying, kneading and discharge section until you get hot melt products for cooling as next step , except standard configuration , powder coating extruder design is customized made on request optionally ,also we adopted all wear resistant materials for most wear sections like barrel liners and screw elements /shafts etc .

Powder Coating Extruder Instructions

Topsun Brand High Speed Type Co Rotation Twin Screw Extruder

Manufacturing , consistent quality products involved assembled every section of this extrusion system for powder coating , such as European made alike gearbox as complete set , CPM9/10V made barrel liners  And screw elements ,efficiently designed top feeder or side feeder as optional .

TSX Series Powder Coating Twin Screw Extruder

TSX series powder coating twin screw extruder is our newly developed and designed type in recent years , that is standardized mode with quick delivery and few maitenance and widely applied to most of powder coatings production globally , especially TSX-52 model is very similar to ZSK 43 Mv plus proved powder coating extruder with twin screw type from Coperion , mega volume , similar European made quality gearbox assembled , safety purposed torque limiter from Autogard/Mayr , longer L/D ration on request , most wear resistant materials for critical parts , Highly efficient cooling/heating system .

Extrusion System For Powder Coating Manufacturing 

Continous powder coating extruder with good budgetary as affordable financially , and correctly matched with conventional type SLJ series extruder and TSX series models as ideal combined , this is with export standard and applied for most of the developing countries oriented Market , like gearbox design, barrel and screw configuration , cooling and heating function, Coupling selection , and even framework with heavy duty type for permanent stability .
How To Customize Powder Coating Extruder Manufacturing

Powder coating extruder diagram as one part of this flowing chart

Explaing powder coating manufacturing process and plant configuration , until now globally customized made will follow the trend due to diversified requirements from different powder coating producers , as powder coating extruders manufacturers wether in china or abroad , we have to follow this request to follow their preferred points to optimize the extrusion system for powder paint production , after mixing , the materials will be fed into the feeder with agitator evenly by adjustable speed ,then enter into the barrel to proceed feeding, conveying, kneading, discharging out to get hot melt materials , as customized made for powder paint extrusion system , please be more specific requirements like rpm , materials, L/D ratio, configuration , etc we can design on the basis of our current models , and then produce as own made and OEM , and make general assembly , then test run to approve it accordingly .

Powder Coating Extrusion Processing

What is the process of powder coating ? namely you need to know how it works regarding powder coating extruder process , The material is fed into a rotating mechanism, which is usually a screw device encased by a barrel. The screw is configured with flights or nodes that exert work on the molten mass as it passes through the extruder. Stainless steel covered powder coating extruder with nice appearance to avoid powder color cross contamination while in production .

Powder Coating Extruders Assessment Quality Certificates

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