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Fault Location And Eliminating Of Air Classifier Mill

  • Filter bags easily blocking due to too slow compressed air or damaged pulse solenoid valve

    Maintaining pressure at minimum 0.6 Mpa or replacing the solenoid valves.
  • Superfine powder quantities percentages increasing too much due to leaking off from airlock or filter bags are blockage or filter of air inlet is blocking

    Repairing airlock or cleaning filter bag or filters of air inlet.
  • Particle size too fine due to air flow rate too small or classifier speed too fast

    Increasing air flow rate or decreasing classifier speed.
  • particle size too coarse due to too high air intake volume or classifier speed too slow

    Increasing classifier speed or decreasing air flow rate.
  • temperature in grinder higher than the set value ,namely feeding ratge too fast,or classifier speed too fast or air flow rate too small or dust collector filter bags blocking

    Decreasing speed of feeder and classifier, increasing air flow and cleaning bags regularly.
  • Abnormal noise,namely The steel goes inside or inside bearings damaged

    Stop grinding system, repair or replacing bearings.

Fault Locations And Eliminating Of Extruder



The feeding screw bush is surrounded with hardened material.
1.The water pipe for cooling feeding zone of barrel is plugged up.

2.The water pipe for cooling s crew shaft is plugged or broken away from the shaft.
1.Repair and clean the pipe connected to the  feeding zone of barrel.

2.Pull out the pipe from screw shaft, clean it with compre ss ed air.
The material is melted and hardened at the outlet of feeder funnel.
1.The s et temperature is too high.

2.The ambient temperature is too high.

3.The temperature of cooling water is too high.

4.The flow rate of cooling water is too small.

5.The grain size of raw material is too fine.
1.Lower the settemperature.

2.The temperature of cooling water should be W14 °C.

3.Increase flow rate of cooling water.

4.The grain size of raw material should be〉3mm.
The capacity of extruder is reduced.
1.The grain size of raw material is too fine.

2.The feeding bush of s crew shaft is surrounded with hardened material.

3.The barrel and s crew shafts are not to be cleaned for a long time.
1.The grain size of raw material should be〉3mm.

2.Adj us t the speed of screw shaft at a fas ter value.

3.Stop extruder and clean barrel and s crew shafts.
The quality of extruded powder coating is inferior.
1.Extruder is not cleaned for a long time.

2.The conjunction surface of two half barrel is not cleaned, the air-tight of which is low grade.

3.The liner and s crew bushes are worn and torn.
1.Clean the extruder carefully.

2.Clean barrel and its conjunction surfaces.

3.Replace the worn liner and bushes.



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