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Steady Custom Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

The Cooling band and crusher system of our series are used to cool and crushing the extruded products.

When the extruded products pass through two chilling rolls, they are pressed to a flat melt with 1-2mm thickness. Then the temperature of materials decreases by pressured air to give the materials the best technical and quality characteristics.

After air cooling, the materials be crushed in to the 2-3mm2 flakes by double crusher rolls.

Main Characteristics

1. Easy operation

2. Adjustable film thickness

3. Adjustable of the caterpillar and crusher speed

4. Low cost with long working periods.

5. Part in contact with materials made by stainless steel
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 Operation :

    pls connect power with 3 phases &400V and neutral line N to electric control cabinet and rotate the power switch, then the red indicator is ON, and this means that the machine come into operation, after confirming rollers and rotation positions have no sth. dirty,  and then you can operate in a normal way .

    First turn button switch to Manual position, the functions of the panels on the control cabinet are shown clearly , pls follow the operation procedures, the rotation speed of frequency converter can be adjusted as per squeezing process requirements.

    Squeezing roller speed can be adjusted through speed adjustment device of inverter, more detailes , pls read the operation manual accordingly .

    Rotation speed of squeezing roller, that is , input Hz of the inverter,  as per the materials varieties and flake materials squeezing thickness, the factual speed can be limited within the rang of 20-45 Hz.

    Note :  it is prohibited to let the machine run below 15Hz for long time .



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