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Water Cooled Custom Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

Machine design, performance stability, adaptability, tablet thickness adjustable, variable speed track, and convenient maintenance.

• Stainless steel tracks, enclosed cooling

• tablet thickness adjustable, stepless track

• no mechanical crushing roller and overload protection device, a variety of models can be out of production with different requirements

• safe to operate
  • JFY
  • 8477

 Height of inlet and outlet and Overall installation dimension :


Before installing the machine, the machine seat should be inspected in a horizontal way, all the sides should be within 0.5%, then fix the support plate on the floor as per  designated position , When moving the machine, the protective covers are dismantled and lift it by flexible string that can bear 2 tons and maintain the balance.

Running the system :

Below mentioned points should be watched when running this system :

Cleaning every section of this machine ,

Cooling water connecting ,

Power line connecting ,

 Inspecting control system.

 In details as follows :

1, cooling water connecting ;

  Among inlet and outlet water tube, the cooling water temperature is 7-9 C degrees , the water flow volume is 200 liters/min, and water pressure is 3-4 bars.

  Inlet of water tube of heat exchanger of the conveyor belt is used to cool the conveyor belt accordingly .

  First dismantling rotary joint of water inlet, making use of water with 5 bars and 320 liter/min flow volume to clean sth. Dirty .

  2, power connecting :

    Power with 3 phases, 5 lines,400V, and 60Hz is needed  and earthed through earthing line PE.

    When the machine connects to main power, the main electric control switch is in SHUT OFF state .

    And meanwhile inspecting the emergency stop device of control in a restrictive way .

    During the installation period , the operation rules should be abided by .



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