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Durable General Stainless Steel Air Type Cooling Belt

For this kind of cooling belt , the length is very short and can match with big flow volume water chiller and flexible conveyor belt to obtain more heat exchange, it can operate continuously and quick to clean and operate to operate, specially customized squeezing and cooling roller can press the extruded materials into ideal flake materials and cool them very quickly, and crushed by granulator accordingly
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Safety instructions :

   1,Operator for this machine must follow the instructions of this

   Manual and abide by the related operation rules.

   2,It is prohibited to use hand or other materials to touch cooling and squeezing rollers when in operation .

   3, we have equipped the protective covers of the rotation parts to guarantee normal operation and never let is removed , or the system will stop the operation .

   4, in order to guarantee the person safety, emergency stop buttons (4pcs are installed at the side of the machine, they should be inspected regularly, if you find something defective and stop the machine and replace them accordingly.

   5, when you press any emergency button, the system will be shut off automatically .

    6,when dismantling covers and inspecting the machine, the professionals are need to implement this and it is prohibited to put your hand to rotation position.


    In order to guarantee the good operation of this system, it is recommended that you had better follow the rules and inspect periodically .



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