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What are the precautions for a mixer For Metallic Powder Coating

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The mixer is an important piece of equipment in modern industry, it is simple to work with and easy to operate. It is therefore favoured by many companies. This article will summarise for the audience some considerations for using the mixer by explaining its working principle and characteristics.

·The features of a V shape mixer.

·The working principle of a mixer.

·How to maintain a mixer?

The features of a V shape mixer.

The V Shape Mixer is one of the representative models of rotary cylinder mixers and it is the most common type on the market. In the process of operation, the material rotates with the barrel. In the barrel of the movement of two symmetrical intersecting approximate elliptical trajectories, the material in the machine for alternate repetition of separation and aggregation, mixing to diffusion and scissors mainly. Compared to other types of mixers, the most important feature of the V Shape Mixer is its low price and low operating costs. In addition, it is easy to operate and control, easy to enter and exit the material, and easy to clean.

The working principle of a mixer.

The mixer is a mechanical device that utilizes mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials together evenly. In the process of mixing, it can also increase the surface area of material contact to promote chemical reactions, but also to accelerate physical changes. The working process of the mixer is easy to understand, one end of the mixer is equipped with a motor and reducer, motor power mixer rate through the belt to the reducer, the reducer, and then through the coupling to the barrel. The barrel is made to run continuously, driving the material in the barrel up, down, left, and right for mixing. Our company's mixer is easy to operate and control, easy to get in and out of the material, and can generate a uniform coating.

How to maintain a mixer?

·Precautions before servicing

First of all, turn off the power when cleaning or servicing the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated weight and to clear the dust and impurities in the hopper before mixing. In addition, be sure to check for abnormalities before use and only switch on the machine if there are no abnormalities to prevent accidents.

·Precautions when using the machine

When the machine starts to run, make sure to turn the filling spout to the top and open the filling cover for filling, the filling volume must not exceed the specified volume, otherwise it may lead to a thermal backup failure. After filling, close the filling cover and start the machine for operation. In addition, if any abnormalities are found on the way, the machine must be stopped for inspection. Finally, it is strictly forbidden to reach inside or turn parts of the machine while it is in operation.

·Precautions after maintenance

After repairs have been carried out on the mixer, care must be taken to keep the machine clean and it is best to carry out daily maintenance on the machine. In addition to this, it is strictly forbidden to place other debris in the mixer and to keep the inside and outside of the box clean to prevent any foreign objects from entering the mixer and thus affecting the performance of the equipment.

To sum up, these are the main considerations regarding the use and maintenance of the mixer. It should be noted that the prices and types of mixers in the domestic market are uneven. In order to ensure the quality of the products you buy, it is best to choose a large scale and well known brand to prevent product disputes.



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