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ACM Mill


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How Air Classifier Mill Works
Air Classifier Mill is a vertical type grinding machine incorporating internal air classifying wheel with independent drive.
Product is fed into the grinding chamber by either a feed screw or a pneumatic conveying system via a rotary feed valve.
The product is impacted by the high speed grinding media, which causes fed product to fracture and be thrown by the centrifugal force to the wall of the grinding chamber, which in turn, causes the product to grinding further.  The grinding particles are entrained in the induced airflow liberating the outside wall of the internal shroud ring assembly, which is fitted with air baffles to fit with the air flow.  The airflow and particles pass to the internal classifier, which is rotating, in the same direction as the rotor disk,Oversized particles rejected by the centrifugal force applied by the classifying wheel are thrown to the inner wall of the ring  and move down by gravity and by the pressure created by the classifier.  These oversized particles are then re-entrained into the grinding zone where further impact occurs.
This recycle action continues until all particles pass thru classifier wheel.  The product being emitted from the classifier is conveyed in the process air stream where it is either collected in a cyclone or enhanced by further classification in a cyclone classifier with motor operated
Features :
In accordanced with explosion resistant std as ATEX/PSR 11
Low noise design
Powder dust user and environment friendly
Mill body with temperature sensing
Air intake volume supervising and monitoring
Production loss within 2 percent as designed
Particle sie distribution by speed adjustable for mill
Rotary sieve or vibrating sieve with ultrosonic device as optional
High capacity, easy cleaning and maintenance

Optional items :
Heat exchanger/air cooler
Mill speed by VFD inverter
Single /double cyclone
Additive feeder
Automatic weighing and packing system
Vertical production layout adopting

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