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Characteristics of Bonding Mixers

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Our Bonding Mixer of this series adopts movable container design, which can be applied to the mixing of various powder and granular materials. The whole process adopts PLC control system, with uniform mixing effect, high production efficiency and no curing particles.

Bonding mixer working principle



Scope of use

Bonding mixer working principle

Similar to the common mixer, the bonding mixer is also composed by the high-speed rotation of the stirring paddle material drives the material rotation, up and down tumbling movement, so that the components of the material are cross-distributed to each other to achieve the effect of homogeneity. Unlike ordinary mixers, Bonding mixers must heat the material and continue the mixing and bonding process at a constant temperature. In order to meet the special requirements of the Bonding Mixer for heating and temperature control, it has the following special structure.

The walls and bottom of the barrel can be filled with water, and the water circuit covers most of the barrel's contact area with the material. The water circuit has heating, cooling, heat preservation and temperature control functions.

The stirring paddle speed can be changed steplessly to suit the requirements of dispersion intensity and temperature control.

Highly sensitive temperature control system ensures that the material is bonded at the optimum bonding temperature. The water temperature, water volume, paddle speed and time controlled by computer, each parameter can be adjusted just right to ensure the material temperature is accurate and uniform.

To prevent the explosion caused by electrostatic sparks from the friction of metal pigments, oxygen and nitrogen are adopted in the cylinder. The nitrogen is extracted from the compressed air by means of a nitrogen generator and enters the cylinder through a control valve. The above special structure gives the bonding mixer the function of constant temperature bonding requirements.


After the container filled with raw materials is pushed to the working position, it is pneumatically lifted by the automatic control system and firmly connected to the mixing head. At the same time the mixing head will be tilted with the container, then the mixing blades will bring the material into a geometric circle with rotating and centrifugal motion to ensure the best mixing effect. After the mixing process is completed, the vessel returns to the starting position.


1. PLC control, high degree of automation

2. Mixing when the coin-operated container is tilted

3. Uniform mixing High production efficiency

4. No leakage and curing particles

5. Pneumatic positioning, gripping and lifting

6. Easy to clean and maintain

7. Safe operation

8. Multiple container cycle operation, easy color change

Scope of use

Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, compound fertilizer, dyestuff, pigment, rubber, building materials, food, milk powder, health care products, feed, additives, aquaculture, biological engineering, fine chemical, ceramics, refractory materials, rare earth, plastic glass, new materials, nuclear materials and other industries.


As the use of metal powder expands, the amount increases and the quality requirements improve, the market demand for bonded metal powder will become larger and larger. This will certainly promote the supply, variety, performance and quality of Bonding Mixer.

It can be predicted that the Bonding Mixer, like other powder coating production equipment, is both designed for the production of metal powders and improved for the processing requirements of metal powders. The requirements do not stop and the improvements do not end.

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