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Vertical Pneumatic Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer

Powder Coatings manufacturers worldwide also chose big volume mixing machine for new factory
operation for mixing large volume batches, where batch to batch consistency is required.
This mixer was the one chosen to supersede the in-house mixer design used for many
years in production.
Why did they decide to purchase the mixing machine?
• After testing the mixing operation was considered the best.
• Modified mixer tool to suit customer product range.
• Easy to clean behind blade.
• It was the most competitively priced machine on the market.
• Designed for using customers existing mixer containers
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Maintenance and Testing

Good maintenance is key to ensuring the on-going safe operation of any plant. Typical
maintenance and inspection required is as follows:
Follow procedures in the operating and maintenance manual.
Plant earthing should be regularly checked.
Rotating parts such as bearings should be regularly inspected.
Leakage from seals on shafts and container clamping should be checked regularly.
Instrumentation and control systems should be regularly tested.
Thermocouples should be checked regularly.
Limit and proximity switches should be checked regularly.
The operation of the dust extraction filter unit.
Duct velocity and capture device face velocity should be regular checked.
The shaft seal purge openings must be regularly checked.
Safety interlocks on the mixer access should be regularly tested.

 Training and On-going Auditing

It is important that operators used for the pre-mixing of powder coatings are trained in the
hazards of the process and in the handling of raw materials and powders. It would be
preferable to use the operators for this process and to dedicate them to this operation if
possible. Operators must also be trained in the use of fire protection equipment.
Operating Procedures should be written for all steps in the operation.

The plant should be subject to regular on-going operational and housekeeping audits to
ensure that key procedures essential to safety are being followed. The housekeeping audit
should include checks of dust accumulation on horizontal surfaces.

Any plant modifications should be subject to hazard study and risk assessment prior to



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