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Dual Shaft Rotary Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer

Manufacturers that are considering manufacturing powder coatings will need to consider
the process risks. The process will involve weighing/loading and mixing polymers,
hardeners, extenders and pigment into containers / mixers. Some Powder coating raw
materials themselves are potentially flammable as dusts some would inhibit and act as
suppressers. Therefore the handling and processing of these materials needs to be
performed in a way which minimises the risk of a dust explosion.
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Portable container mixers

have been around for many years as with the IBC tumble
blender the open top container can be attached to the mixing head for mixing of the batch
of material. The mixing head after being raised and clamped in position then rotates 180
to present the material in the container with the mixing rotor the mixer then works as a
shear mixer. After mixing the container is inverted and lowered on to its trolley to be
emptied or processed direct from the container downstream and reused for the next batch.

This minimises 

cleaning of the material contact surfaces of mixer head and container. The
containers can be handled by overhead crane or by moving on the trolley wheels attached
to each separate container. This gives the flexibility for rapid process change and
increased utilisation of the mixer required in the modern powder coatings facility.

The portable container allows the next batch to be processed while waiting for QC testing
of previous batches. With a fixed mixer the batch would wait in the mixer until testing was
completed with the container mixer the container is put to one side while waiting results
and the mixer is free to be used.

There have been many designs of detachable container mixer with all types of separate
integral container / trolley and methods of clamping and lifting the container to the mixing
head. They include pneumatic lifting and clamping of the container using cylinders and
bellows all fitted with electronic switching for position / status indication and confirmation



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