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Double Cone Rotary Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer


Automatic container mixer is working with continuous material trolleys, the container fills the materials and lifted up and connected tightly with mixing head automatically, the mixing head tilts together with the containers, and then obtain the homogeneous mixing result, after finishing mixing as per setting time, and return to original position, the whole process will be controlled by PLC
● More trolleys together for continuous mixing with high efficiencies
● All actions are automatic PLC controlled
● Homogenous mixing result without curing particles
● Securely safe operation for on site operators
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 Mixing head

The main motor is installed at the bottom of mixing head, and two lifting motors are

installed on left and right side of it separately. Tilting motor with reducer is installed

on the right end of mixing head.

Coaxial tolerance of two end shafts on both sides of mixing head


makes the rotation more durable and stable.

 Main motor: 22kW, ABB or Siemens.

  tilting motor: 1.5 kW, ABB or Siemens.

_ Mixing head is made by SS321 with mirror polishing for inner surface.

Mixing tool

 Mixing tool contains main mixing tool and high speed side crusher with three-stage


Main mixing tool is composed by the bottom big blade with two single blades at

180 degree arrangement and the top small blade with three single blades at 120

degree arrangement.

High speed side crusher contains four single blades.

This three-stage mixing tool with three speeds can greatly reduce the mixing time

from 10-15minutes/hopper of traditional single-stage mixing tool to

2-3 minutes/hopper. So the mixing efficiency can also be greatly improved. And

save energy and extend the working life of mixer.

Mixing tool is made by SS321 with surface polishing.

 Lifting and tilting

There are two lifting arms located on both sides of mixing head to lift or drop the

container. This lifting and clamping is realized by mechanical. So it’s more durable

and reliable than pneumatic.

Tilting operation is realized by worm and worm wheel structure. And this structure

is driven by ABB or Siemens brake motor. So the tilting is more stable and safe.

After mixing is finished, the container will be tilted backward from the initial upright

position. So the material can be slide down to center from piled at one side.

Meantime, the mixing tool will run idle to shake off the powder on it.

Then the container will be lowered from the mixing head. The exhaust air cylinder

will open and the dust will be vented through the vacuum system.

Compressed air consumption: 0.01m3/min.@6bar.


Most mixer components are put on the frame.

The frame is made by carbon steel with Zinc plated. Output butterfly valve is made by SS321.

 Electrical system

Electrical system contains two parts: the separate electrical control cabinet and the

junction box on the mixer.

 Mixing process can be controlled by PLC automatically or by manual.

 All the process is interlocked. The process only can be realized step by step.

IP55 electrical control cabinet, RAL7032.

 Schneider electrical components.

 Siemens PLC and touch screen can control and monitor the process


 Isolation voltage transformer is installed on the control circuit.

 One main switch with extended rotary handle and one emergency stop are located

on the cabinet door.

Ventilator with filter is located on both side plates of cabinet. And the forced

ventilation will be realized by axial fan.

One alarm located on the top of cabinet will work when faults happen.

 Omron photoelectric switch can measure each action exactly.

 Schneider high precision electrical overload relay for tilting motor and lifting

motors can be set in optimized values as request.

 Double protection on extreme position of tilting and lifting can provide safe and

reliable running of mixer.

 Safety enclosure is provided with mixer. Only when the door of enclosure closes,

the mixer can be operated.

Junction box installed with gland wiring.

Safety limit switches installed.

 Default power supply is 3phase/380V/50Hz for motor and single phase/220V/50Hz for control .




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