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High Speed Steel High Speed Water Type Cooling Belt

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Cooling Unit

The sheet material squeezed from the roller is transmitted

on the belt, the cooling water driven by the motor pump is

sprayed from the nozzle onto the under surface of the belt, so

that the heat on the belt will be released. The cooling water

temperature 10 . The water scraper 5 can be adjusted by the

rotating the nuts on the side of the frame. See as shown

1. Stainless steel belt

2. Nut

3. Nozzle

4. Sink

5. Drift

6. Pump

7. Plate heat exchanger

8. Water scraper

The water flow coming from the nozzle 3 is in a conical shape,

which will cast in a round, flow angle 65 degrees, height 300mm.

The nozzle 3 needs to be checked and washed every one mouths. If

the flow angle is smaller than 30 degree or the flow can not touch

the belt under sufface, it is necesssary to change the nozzles.

The sink  is full filled with the water coming from the plate

heat exchanger , when the pump motor started, the water

passes through pipes into the exchanger , there the water will be

cooled down to 10 . Throgh the nozzle , there will come a

ф300 water column to cool the sheet material on the belt. The

sprayed water will flow back to the sink, so that the circle will be

formed. There are filter in the sink so that the residues will can not

to block the nozzels . [The filters shall be changed regularly

according to the water quality] the nozzles can be detachable.

When the water level in the sink become low, the replenishing

system, by the drift 5, automatically add the water.



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