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Automatic 1000Kg Electrostatic Powder ACM MILL

Flow of Handling Material and Air

Powder, influenced by the centripetal force, is absorbed up into the discharge nozzle (6),
together with air, and thick particles, influenced by the centrifugal force, can't pass through the classifier
so they go back to the grinding zone (8) to be grinded again. In order to make the particle size smaller,
rotational frequency of the air classifier should be increased. At this time, in order to prevent the phenomenon of
bottle-neck in the pulverizer, the speed of feeding a handling material
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1. Machinery Installation

The plant layout of ACM mill shown,  The height of pulse dust collector and cyclone separator is about  some  meters. The way of installation is shown in the layout .

(1) Installation of the main unites of grinder.

 a. the air inlet of the grinder is not less than 0.8 meters away from

the constructions or the other objects.

 b. fixed the mill legs firmly, then put the rubber pads to the bottoms of the foot.

 c. open the cover of the mill; take the shroud wheel off, clean the chamber and every parts completely.

 d. Istall the feeder accroding to the layout .

 (2) Installation of the cyclone.

 a. Clean the cyclone inside completely.

 b. Fix the cyclone separator on the stand of the mill, then fix the air lock (discharge valve) on the bottom of the separator.

 c. Check if the lubricates oil is enough of the gear box of the airlock.

Caution: the corresponding gear oil is okay for the gearbox.

(3) Installation of the sifter.

 a. Connection the sifter ducts to the discharger.

(4) The installation of the blower.

Caution: The blower should be installed separate with other equipment, for reducing the noise in room.

a. Check the inlet and outlet of the air whether there is doubt dust.

(5) Installation of the connection ducts.

  a. Clean the inside of the pipes before install them to their position.

Caution: The seals rings or pads should be fixed between the ducts.

2. Electrical installation

(i)       Check all electric cables and connectors if there some loosen.

(ii)                  Connected to 3-phase, 4 lead wires, 380V, 50Hz Mains.

Warning: All machines must be wire grounded.

(iii)       Compressed air connected to the air cylinders.

(iv) Check all the motors turning in correct direction. Correct their running direction according to the labels attached on the motors.

Caution: Mains supply not less than 60 amps.

Caution: Check if there air leakage in every parts.



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