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Low Noise 100Kg Electrostatic Powder ACM MILL

Flow of Handling Material and Air

A handling material is put into the pulverizer by table feeder.
Air that is absorbed through the inhaling pressure of SUCTION FANDML
and a handling material are mixed and grinded between the pin and the liner in the grinding chamber.
The grinded powder, along evenly distributed ascending currents, is moved to the air classifier part.
At this time, by the rotating speed of the air classifier, the centripetal force and the centrifugal force are created.
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Powder, influenced by the centripetal force, is absorbed up into the discharge nozzle (6),
together with air, and thick particles, influenced by the centrifugal force, can't pass through the classifier
so they go back to the grinding zone (8) to be grinded again. In order to make the particle size smaller,
rotational frequency of the air classifier should be increased. At this time, in order to prevent the phenomenon of

bottle-neck in the pulverizer, the speed of feeding a handling material into the pulverizer should be lowered


ACM pulverizer works based on the principle of impact grinding.
It uses a wing that revolves at over 90m/sec. Grinding of particles is done by the material's
being crashed against the rotating pin (8) and the fixed liner (3)


The special feature of ACM pulverizer is the classifier wheel (5).
By two opposite forces (the centripetal force and the centrifugal force) and mass difference of material particles,
it classifies large particles and small ones. The limit for classification is set by adjusting the speed of revolution
of the classifier, and the limit is possibly adjusted even while grinding



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