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Water Cooled Pvc High Speed PU Compact Type Cooling Belt

Cooling Process Solutions provider as integrated for the Powder Coatings Paint Fileds
compact design
space minimized
strong cooling functioning
crusher with strong cut device
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 Operation guidance sector:

Before any operation, wear glove, footwear and mask that qualified European standards for safety purpose.

  (1) Please connect L1, L2, L3 three phases 400VAC/50Hz voltage to control cabinet input terminal, and meantime connect N neutral line to N terminal, and connect PE earthing line to PE terminal, after confirmation, close the cabinet door and rotate power general insulation switch interlock handle clockwise and on the switch, general control contactor operate, make the corresponding positions enter into the ready state.


Pushing crushing button, the crusher can operate counter-clockwise crushing button becomes green and the indicator is on,

Pushing squeezing button and inverter panel is in power, then start rollers and as per the process requirements of the cooling belt, you can adjust rotation speed and come into normal operation.


Only the upstream (extruder) being in OFF status can the cooling belt be switched OFF.



Cleaning operation:

The machine is installed with a button for cleaning, when the protection covers are open, turn the mode selection switch to maintenance mode and press the button to move the cooling belt, the speed of the belt is less than 10mm by special designed circuit, please refer to circuit diagram for reference. The button is hold to run type, once loose the button, the belt will stop. User can use water to clean the belt. After cleaning finished, cover the protection covers back, turn the mode selection switch to running position, the machine can work in normal state.

The machine body is installed with four wheels for moving convenience, and the two wheels under the pressure rollers are equipped with brake devices, when the machine is located the right position, step the brake device, the machine could be locked in fixed position.

Attention: the machine should be lay down on even solid surface and combined with extruders to use.



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