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High Quality Steel High Speed PU Compact Type Cooling Belt

Machine operation condition:
Maximum operating Temperature: 40 ℃
Maximum Operating Height: 1000m
Maximum Operating Humidity: 50%
Transport/storage temperature: -25°C-55°C
  • PFY
  • 8477

 Mechanical sector:

  1cooling belt consist of squeezing device and crushing device, on the rollers, they are winded and connected with Teflon made caterpillar type conveyor belt that can convey the squeezed flake materials to the position of the crusher for crushing, roller motor power is 0.75kWand is combined and integrated with motor reducer. The speed are adjusted by inverter, according to the technics requirement, you can adjust the speed of the squeezing rollers. Through chain wheel, chain are connected and driven together with rollers, squeezing roller is integrated with motor and corresponding reducer, and then this will make crusher in operation. The maximum speed of the belt is 5-7m/s for PFY-210 model. The thickness of the flakes are adjusted by the two hand wheels beside the squeezing rollers. When the hand wheel is turned clockwise, the gap between the squeezing rollers are becoming small, the flakes become thin, and when the hand wheel is turned anticlockwise, the gap between the squeezing rollers are becoming large, the flakes become thick.  Attention: do not make the squeezing rollers collide, otherwise the squeezing rollers will be spoiled.

Concerning the driving way, Teflon made caterpillar type are adopted, the maximum temperature that it can be endured is 130ºC and it is droved by squeezing motors. The flakes are sent to crushing position.

Under the hand wheels of adjusting the squeezing rollers, there are two small wheels; the small wheels are used to adjust the tension of the belt. It can also be used to adjust the deviation of the belt. As the belt is abrasion freely, the life of the belt is very long; it can be used for two years or more.



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