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High Speed Steel High Speed PU Compact Type Cooling Belt

PFY series are a kind of compact cooling belt, minimum noise and long durability and elegant & compact structure are the advantage, and workmanship is very good and small occupational space and efficiency is very high, they are used for powder coatings production .
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Crushing Part

Crushing part is consisted of motor with 0.75kW( PFY-210) and motor reducer. The crushing roller are made of steel combing teeth which can crush the flakes into small pieces. This part is dangerous, safety cover and safety switch are used, once the cover is open, the safety switch will cut off the drive motor power. To ensure the safety the safety switch is positive open type and combined with safety relay. The protection degree can be Cat.3 according to EN 954-1. The outlet of the cooling belt is guarded with 20×20 grid to prevent the hand touching the crushing roller. The grid is made of Ф3mm stainless steel .

   (2) In order to guarantee the safety for operators, the machine adopts the closed loop protective cover, that is, the rotation position of the rollers and crushing position are protected by stainless steel plate as the safety cover, the caterpillar type conveyor belt is the same as above mentioned and keep the organic glass hole, from this hole you can watch the flake materials condition and adjust the squeezing state. On the on/off door of the roller protective cover, the enforced breaking type switch is installed, and it is connected with safety relay I within electric control cabinet, if the door of roller protective cover is opened, it will be out of power instantly in order to protect the operators’ safety. On the on/off position of the breaking cover, the enforced breaking switch is installed as well, it is connected with safety relay II within the control cabinet, if the breaking protective cover is opened, it will be out of power instantly, the breaker will stop the operation to guarantee the safety of the operators. Concerning this point, please let the users know well.


   (3) Four castors are equipped with cooling belt, and two castors have the braking device, so that this will bring you great convenience, when you move and adjust them to the suitable position, you should lock the braking device to prevent the cooling belt moving forward and backward.


   (4) Concerning the cooling mode for the cooling belt, it is recommended that the cooling circulation water with less than 10 degrees C is adopted, here we can recommend you use the water chiller to be convenient to cool rollers and caterpillar type conveyor belt quickly when in operation, this will improve the output greatly and bring the cooling belt into full efficiency and meanwhile if you can blow the cooling air to the conveyor belt, then the result is much better, this is for your reference only.


(5) The protective cover installation and safety switch installation position, please refer to the cooling belt assemble diagram-I, more details for cooling belt, please refer to the machine on site.



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