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Pneumatic Electric Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer Applied For Metallic Powder Coating

Nozzles can be added near the discharge for the injection of liquids or gas during the mixing process. They can be used for inerting the mixer as in the case of metallic bonding or chemical reaction rich processes.

Gases and Liquids can be added to the mixer while the mixer is in the mixing position.
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advantages and characteristics as follows :

 Mixing Container

· Portable container clamped in fixed trolley mounted on two Castors / Wheels makes unit light-weight and easy to manoeuvre.

· Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel internally polished container.

· Outlet fitted with large standard butterfly discharge valve with easy operation.

· Can be manufactured to suit existing container systems for standardisation and

interchange ability with other mixers/ containers.

Mixing Head

· Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.

· Internally polished easy clean agitator blades coated with wear protection.

· Fitted with reliable easy to maintain sealing system.

· Extraction control valve.

· Temperature sensing and over protection system.

· Dynamically balanced mixing tool.

· Cooling available to the mixing head and mixer tools.

Lifting and clamping & tilting

· Simple guided loading of portable container.

· Robust positive clamping system.

· Accurate sensing and positioning.

· Cleaning position and load levelling feature.

· Total interlocked safety system.

· Change of position warning klaxon.

Mixing and tilting drives

·  main gearbox design for reliable and efficient operation.

· Tailor made  tilt gearbox robust and safety engineered.

· IP55 motor, IP55 controls safety stops.

Control panel & system

· Easy operation of controls.

· Full control and temperature indication and over temperature protection.

· Automatic and manual operation, PLC control system.

Transport and Installation

· Designed for containerisation and minimum site installation; single power supply to

control panel; compressed air and cooling water centrally supplied.

· Full instructions provided; full Technical and Maintenance documentation

Simple Operation and easy to clean.

· Easy to clean behind blade.

· Safe reliable to operate.

· It was the most competitively priced machine on the market.

· Their experience with other mixer manufacturer's.

· Their mix of products needed better cleaning access.

· Their range of batch sizes needed flexible operation.

· Larger volume container for low bulk density products.

· No external hanging cables on machine.

· Good local service promise.

Container trolleys with 3 set attached together with this container mixer


Note: discharge station section : you can make this by yourself as per our provided dwg , or we can make for your side together , that is only for container trolley discharge mixing material into the extruder hopper , so we have to take the height of the extruder feeder hopper into account .



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