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Electric Electric Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer

Container Mixer tools are provided with two standard tools. The large tool stretches from one end of the mixing head to the other, its primary function is to lift material. The smaller tool is called the chopper tool and is used to fluidize the material. The tools are driven by Variable Frequency Drives to allow for speed control.
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Capacity of FHJ-300 Container Mixer is 300L/hopper. It contains mixer, container

and electrical system.

Total power consumption: 11kW (main motor) + 3kW (rotating motor) = 14.5kW

Total compressed air consumption: 0.01m3/min.@6bar

Overall dimension (length×width×height):2250×2100×2600 mm

Weight: 2100kg

Painting: Powder coating finish for carbon steel parts

Color: color RAL9018 or as request



1.1.1 Mixer Mixing head

_ The main motor is installed at the bottom of mixing head, and two lifting motors are

installed on left and right side of it separately. Tilting motor with reducer is installed

on the right end of mixing head.

_ Coaxial tolerance of two end shafts on both sides of mixing head


makes the rotation more durable and stable.

_ Main motor: 11W, ABB or Siemens.

_ Side rotating motor: 3kW, ABB or Siemens.

_ Mixing head is made by SS321 with mirror polishing for inner surface. Mixing tool

_ Mixing tool contains main mixing tool and high speed side crotating with three-stage


_ Main mixing tool is composed by the bottom big blade with two single blades at

180 degree arrangement and the top small blade with three single blades at 120

degree arrangement.

High speed side crusher contains four single blades.

This three-stage mixing tool with three speeds can greatly reduce the mixing time

from 10-15minutes/hopper of traditional single-stage mixing tool to

2-3minutes/hopper. So the mixing efficiency can also be greatly improved. And

save energy and extend the working life of mixer.

Mixing tool is made by SS321 with surface polishing.



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