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High Speed Pvc High Speed PU Compact Type Cooling Belt

Cooling System
On the cooling method, it is recommended that you can use cooling circulation water with less than 10 degrees Celsius, keep the water temperature stable, the water pressure should be 1.5kpa or so when in operation; they can reduce the temperature of rollers and caterpillar type. They can bring the potential of the equipment into full display and is beneficial to your production.
PFY series are a kind of compact cooling belt, minimum noise and long durability and elegant & compact structure are the advantage, and workmanship is very good and small occupational space and efficiency is very high, they are used for powder coatings production .
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Cleaning operation:

The machine is installed with a button for cleaning, when the protection covers are open, turn the mode selection switch to maintenance mode and press the button to move the cooling belt, the speed of the belt is less than 10mm by special designed circuit, please refer to circuit diagram for reference. The button is hold to run type, once loose the button, the belt will stop. User can use water to clean the belt. After cleaning finished, cover the protection covers back, turn the mode selection switch to running position, the machine can work in normal state.

The machine body is installed with four wheels for moving convenience, and the two wheels under the pressure rollers are equipped with brake devices, when the machine is located the right position, step the brake device, the machine could be locked in fixed position.

Attention: the machine should be lay down on even solid surface and combined with extruders to use.


Normal problems & trouble shooting sector:

   Normal problems

   Trouble   shooting

1.after inputting power, insulation   switch can not supply the power


1.voltage is too low; voltage is not   enough and is in an auto segregated protective state.

Power voltage is tested and is within   the range of 400v±10%, and when in operation, restart to supply power.


2.general control contactor can not be   closed and safe relay yellow light is in a flash condition switch of rollers protective   cover and crushing cover are closed to the right position or not, after confirmation,   restart to supply the power and safe relay green light is on and general   control contactor can be closed.

3.rollers are jammed and inverter is   off power instantly.

3.squeezing motors is overloaded, main   and minor rollers squeezing too much and cause overloading and jammed   problem, so the protective device of the inverter is off power.

Adjusting the roller-shifting device   to solve this problem.

4. Conveyor belt is deflected

Adjusting the conveyor belt shifting   device and correct the position.

 (Shifting device position, please see the  Assemble diagram-I)



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