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High Quality Pvc High Speed PU Compact Type Cooling Belt

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Electric control sector:

   (1) The control cabinet is made of 0.58mm stainless steel plates; it is with good protection class and good radiation result, protection class is IP55.


 (2) General power insulation switch adopts brand Schneider NSC60-20A switch with under voltage protection and interlocked with cabinet door, when rotary handle is in a clockwise position to connect with power, the door is locked to prevent opening. Only when it is in a counterclockwise position to cut off the power, then the cabinet door is opened and unlocked to prevent the person of electric shock.


  (3) Within the control cabinet, the safety relays with brand Schmersal model: AES-1135 (2pcs) are combined and assembled with safety switch from Germany Schmersal model : AZ16VRK , then the safety and protective function is strengthened, when the protective covers of rollers and breaker is not in a close position, general control contactors are not closed, then yellow lights from safe replays (2pcs) will flash and give warning signal until the become red and let them in a warning position , so at this time you should check , that is , you can close the protective door and cover to be in a right position  then warning is over . At this time general power switch is closed and reopened, the safe replay indicator become green, the cooling belt is in normal operation.


  (4) The Control operation power of the cooling belt adopts 24v volt. Power, they are supplied with switch power with 50w-2A, the coil of the contactor is 24Vac, safety relays and switches are DC 24v, so the safe voltage can guarantee the operators’ safety.


   (5) Within the control cabinet, it is equipped with general control contactors (2pcs), squeezing contactors (1pcs), breaking contactor (10pcs), all the contactors above mentioned adopt Siemens brand 3TF-30-9A, the coil volt. is 24v DC,  they are equipped with Siemens brand 420-0.55kw inverter and adjust the frequency of the inverter and change the speed accordingly to meet the requirements of the squeezing process , and meanwhile it is equipped with a switch power source, input 230v and can provide operation power with 24VDC & indicator power, Schneider brand GV2-M  2.5A thermo-magnetic breaker is equipped to protect crusher motor. Among them, C32N mini breakers (5pcs) are equipped, one of them is for squeezing inverter power switch (4A), three is for switch power source (2A), one is for motor operation power (2A), and more details refer to electric circuit diagram.


On the control cabinet outer operation part, it is equipped with Siemens brand inverter control panel, emergency button, squeezing button, crushing button, squeezing indicator, crushing indicator, and open key switch for cleaning the machine, please take notice of this point, the key switch is used when cleaning the machine only, and at the same time it is used together with touch key on the inverter control panel, after finishing, the key switch should be closed and then the machine can come into normal operation.

Concerning Assembly positions of every section switches, please see the pictures for references, more details, please see the machine on site.


(6) N stands for Neutral line, 230v AC power is provided to supply the control transformer input terminal and rectifier terminal and squeezing inverter terminal and electric control cabinet cooling fan power.


(7) PE stands for input earthing protective line. And has the corresponding symbol, the casings of electric control cabinet and inverter and input/ouput filter are earthed exactly, the earthing line is not less than 2.5 square mm, machine body leave the earthing screw and is marked with the corresponding symbol, it warns that users notice that the machine body must be earthed, it adopts 6 square mm, and earthing resistance is euqal or less than 0.1 ohm.


  (8) SQ stands for working facility dust collector fan connect-ing point and provide some inconvenience to clean the dust. When installing the dust cleaning device, please refer to the electric principle diagram SQ connecting point to connect lines, thanks for your cooperation.

Handling, transportation and storage

The following information describes our method for packing, transportation, handling of our equipment.


     All equipments are packaged by wooden box after finished and covered by plastic sheet for moisture protection and suitable for a long distance transportation and rough handling.

We advise the user to use crane belt or crane steel rope and the crane to lift the machine. Because the machine is made of rectangle frame, no eyebolts are installed. Please put the crane belt or crane steel rope under the compartment of the machine body, pay attention! Make balance when you lift the machine!

When you move the machine on the even surface, just loose the brakes of the wheels, push the machine, the machine can be moved.



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