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Double Cone Pneumatic Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer

With the range of the above raw materials the formulations for modern powder coatings
can include less than twelve or more than twenty different materials in any one recipe. For
good processing of the pre-mix in the extruder we have stated that this pre-mix should be
homogeneous this requires a more intensely mixed reduced and dispersed uniform premix feedstock.
To obtain this homogeneity we must pre-mix the raw materials that have been previously
weighed in their component parts to allow a dry mixing of all the materials so they will feed
into the extruder feed system and provide consistent stream of mixed raw materials with
minimum segregation.
  • FHJ
  • 8474

Automatic Container Mixer for powder coating processing 

Automatic container mixer is working with continuous material trolleys, the container fills the materials and lifted up and connnected tightly with mixing head automatically. The mixing head tilts together with the containers, and then obtain the homogeneous mixing result, after finishing mixing as per setting time, and return to original position, the whole process will be controlled by PLC

Main Features:

-Full-automatic operation
-Several detachable containers for circular operation
-High efficiency
-Easy color changing

Model Volume (L) Output (kg/tank) Mixing Motor (kw) Overturing Motor (kw) Crushing Motor (kw) Mixing Time (min) Control Mode Overall Dimensions
FHJ-150 150 70 5.5 0.37 2.2 0-10 PLC 2150*1100*2300
FHJ-300 300 150 15 3 2.2 0-10 PLC 2150*1100*2300
FHJ-600 600 300 22 4 4 0-10 PLC 2650*1250*2700
FHJ-1000 1000 500 30 4 4 0-10 PLC 2900*1550*3100
FHJ-2000 2000 1000 45 5.5 5.5 0-10 PLC 3500*2350*3650



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