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Double Cone Continuous Electrostatic Powder Container Mixer

focusing on dispersion that enables the best possible color output for the pigments and an economical amount of these cost-intensive ingredients to be achieved. meanwhile there is still room for some improvements to processing quality in many areas. for instance, the delicate form of effect pigments means they must be handled very tenderly , this container mixers make sure the extremely careful bonding of pigments with the powder coating particles.
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mixer design for Pre-mixing normal Powder Coating 

with detachablecontainer from the mixing head. The mixer head and containers used for pre-mixing are
manufactured with flanged top; internal surfaces manufactured from stainless steel SUS
304 with fine polished finish. The discharge from the container is via large diameter
butterfly valve.

Container design 

The container is fitted into a fabricated trolley that allows the container to be positioned
under the mixer head guides and raised and clamped into position by two worm screw
jacks operated by geared motors with built in safety proximity switches.
The mixer head is inverted by a shaft through worm reduction gearbox; the mixer head is
supported on both sides in flange mounted bearings; driven by a self-braking geared
motor. Positioning of the head is by proximity switch detection for lifting, inverting, levelling
and cleaning positions. The main drive can only be started after the mixing head is locked
in position with the container clamped in position.
Main drive rotor mixing tool has an AC geared ventilated motor direct driven through the
Mixer head via 2-speed control to the 2-stage mixing tool, mixing speeds 5/10m/sec.
The mixer tool is stainless steel with special spanner extractor nut for quick removal of
tool for cleaning.

Container mixer shaft 

The mixer has the main shaft seal resistant to heat and with a lubrication system. The
drive rotor starts in slow speed for a predetermined set time before increasing to high
speed for the remainder of the mixing period. The mix time can be adjusted on
the control panel.

temperature probe 

The mixer is fitted with 1 temperature probe, one controls over temperature the other
controller indicating actual temperature both are located on the control panel.
After mixing the container is inverted through the lowering position to levelling position; this
allows material to level in the container; the rotor s then started in slow speed to throw off
any residual pre-mix from the rotor tool before returning to the lowering position. Before
lowering he container to the floor the control lowers the container 30mm and opens the
extraction valve and allows the dust-laden air in the container space to be evacuated


before lowering the container to the floor. This can be connected to central extraction
system or the integrated vacuum system in the container mixer panel.



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