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What's the working principle of Twin Screw Extruder?

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With the improvement of the quality of people's living standards, an increasing number of people are concerned about the development of industrial technology. Different kinds of industrial products play different roles, and they promote the production of technology and change people's lives.


Today we are going to introduce a Twin Screw extruder, a piece of basic equipment that can play an important role in modern industry. This article will provide a brief summary and analysis of the Twin Screw extruder, taking into account its working principles and characteristics.


·Purpose of using Twin Screw extruders.

·The working principle of Twin Screw Extruder.

·The main advantages of Twin Screw Extruder.


Purpose of using Twin Screw extruders.


·Raw material requirements for Twin Screw extruders

There are no specific requirements as to the form of the raw material to be used in the working of a Twin Screw extruder. The raw materials may be powders, granules, flours, liquids, slurries and possibly gases. In addition, extruded products are available in different forms such as plastic compounds, chemically modified polymers, textured food and feed products, and cellulose slurries.


·Why use Twin Screw extruders

The purpose of extrusion processing is the physicochemical transformation of a continuous viscous polymer medium to produce a high quality structured product through precise control of the processing conditions. The Twin Screw extruder, which can be considered the core equipment in the modern industry, is uncomplicated and simple to operate.


These are the purposes and reasons for using Twin Screw extruders. The Twin Screw extruder can be considered an ideal machine for extruding a wide range of different products, it has a wide range of uses. In the next section, we will focus on the main advantages of its knots to help answer your doubts.


The working principle of Twin Screw Extruder.


The Twin Screw extruder consists of several parts such as a transmission device, feeding device, barrel, and screw. When the Twin Screw extruder is in operation, two identical screws, which penetrate and self-clean together, rotate in the same direction inside the barrel, and their continuous working time is long with almost no stoppage.


The main advantages of Twin Screw Extruder.


·High self-cleaning capability

As mentioned earlier, a Twin Screw extruder is essentially a machine consisting of two identical screws that penetrate and self-clean together. Therefore its components have a high self-cleaning capacity and do not require much cleaning and maintenance.


·High safety

Our Twin Screw extruders are controlled by PLC and touch screen HMI as user-friendly interactive controls. In addition to this, we are equipped with a special safety system in order to prevent accidents due to mishandling.


·Wide range of applications

The Twin Screw extruder does not have particularly strict requirements for the extruded raw material, the form of the substance can make solid-gas and liquid, it can be applied to the processing of a wide range of materials, the precise feeding system can ensure the uniformity of the extruded powder.


These are the main features of the Twin Screw extruder. The parts of the Twin Screw extruder play a similar role to the single-screw extruder, and its working principle is expanded from the single-screw extruder. However, it differs from the single-screw extruder in many ways, both in terms of function and price. Our Twin Screw extruder has adopted the largest variety and variation of production in the field of polymer processing, and we believe it can help you play an important role in the field of coating powder.



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