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What's the development history of Mixers?

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Technology is a major factor in the advancement of human civilization, and the invention of people's technological products cannot be achieved without the joint research efforts of scientific teams. Today we will present the history of the development of the mixer. In addition to this, the main advantages and types of mixers will also be mentioned in this article.


·The main stages in the development of the mixer.

·The main characteristics of mixers.

·The common types of mixers in the market.



The main stages in the development of the mixer.


·Before the 21st century

The mass production of mixers started in the 1990s when they were produced due to increased social demand. At that time, the mixers had better flowability and better mixing of materials with similar characteristics, but the overall quality aspect was not so satisfactory. Therefore, in order to make the mixer suitable for mixing different materials, the mixed material should not be easy to produce the phenomenon of segregation. Major companies have started to develop new types of mixers.


·After the 21st century

In recent years, as a result of the tireless efforts of a team of professionals. Under the classification of mixing equipment, our company has made constant innovations and improvements to the mixing process and the quality of our mixers has improved by leaps and bounds over the last century.


With the development of industrial and production line equipment, companies have become increasingly demanding in terms of mixing equipment. Today, mixing requires high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation and control, easy access to the material, long service life, and a range of other features. But this does not exclude some small manufacturers of raw materials to cut corners, which requires attention. In the next section, we will explain the main advantages of mixing compressors.


The main characteristics of mixers.


·Safe and durable

To ensure the durability of our mixers, our barrels are made of stainless steel. We are equipped with a professional safety system with temperature indication and over-temperature protection. In addition to this, we are equipped with an adequate central supply of compressed air and cooling water.


·Simple structure

Advanced structure and easy operation are the most important features of the mixer. Our company's mixer has a long working life. The composition structure of the mixer includes the cylinder, frame, motor, reducer, sprocket, and other component parts.


In combination with the advantages mentioned above, we require fast mixing speed and uniform quality in the production of our mixers. In addition, different types of mixers correspond to different use scenarios, and in the next section, we will focus on several common types of mixers.


The common types of mixers in the market.


Depending on the customer's application conditions, the main types of mixers produced by our company are: high-speed mixers, V shape mixers, double cone mixers, and bonding mixers, all of which are also common on the market and they correspond to different use scenarios. For example, the double cone mixer is suitable for mixing powdery and granular materials in pharmacies, chemical, and food industries. Therefore, we recommend that you understand the characteristics of each type of mixer clearly before buying a mixer to avoid problems with its use.



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