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What has an impact on the working effect of Bonding mixer?

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Bonding mixer is a full-featured COB welding production equipment to accurately position IC chips on top of LCD glass and bind the device, the whole machine consists of PLC HMI as the control core.

l Working Principle of Bonding mixer

l What will have an impact?

Working Principle of Bonding mixer

The image automatic alignment system PV310 completes the alignment data calculation of the target object, and the product is transmitted from the platform to this press for binding and crimping after the alignment and pre-pressing is completed. It has the special function of quantitative memory of aluminum wire parameters, such as wire distance, check height, arch wire height, so it is more suitable for the welding of multiple different aluminum wire parameters, such as integrated circuits and thick-mode integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices inside the lead welding, such as the memory function is set to "hold" position, can be digital tubes, dot matrix boards or backlight bonding operations. The head holder of the bonding mixeradopts the The welding head frame of the bonding mixer adopts vertical guide rail movement up and down (Z-direction movement), and the second welding movement (span) is realized by the horizontal guide rail movement of the welding head frame (Y-direction movement), both movements are driven by imported stepping motors, so the aiming height, arch wire height and jumping distance of the first and second welding can be truly controlled digitally, thus ensuring stable welding quality, accurate welding point control, high welding line repetition rate and good consistency of arch wire height. In addition, the second welding point can be set as automatic welding, the operator only needs to press the welding button on the control box to complete the whole welding process according to the parameters set by the operator, so that the welding speed is faster and the single-shift output can be significantly increased.

What will have an impact?

1. Bonding speed

Bonding speed of the bonding mixer has an impact on its temperature control and stability. The faster the speed of the bonding mixer, the faster its temperature rises. Because of its rapid rotation of the bottom powder friction heat temperature rises, while the internal mixing paddle blade of the bonding mixer takes away the heat, the temperature rises and falls gradually. So that the bonding mixer speed is fast, the temperature rises too fast, is not conducive to the control and stability of the temperature of the bonding mixer.

2. The temperature of the bonding mixer

Bonding mixer temperature also has a great impact on its bonding effect, the temperature of the bonding mixer is too low metal powder can not be effectively bonded to the substrate, the temperature of the bonding mixer is too high and easy to caking. So the temperature control of the bonding mixer is very important.

3. Bonding mixer time

The length of time of the bonding mixer also has an impact on the state of the metal powder, the result is to affect the bonding effect of the bonding mixer.


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