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Waterproof High Speed High Speed Bonding Mixer

Metallic Powder Coatings can be produced to give a range of metallic finishes from silver
to gold and with all ranges of gloss and profile. By adding Aluminium, Bronze, Zinc,
Magnesium and Stainless steel pigments to the thermosetting Powder Coatings.
The most used pigment for silver metallic effect is Aluminium 1-2% in the leafing and
3-5% in the non-leafing form. With Aluminium pigments the fine Leafing grades will
produce the brightest silver and glossy effects these are the lower average particle size.
(4-12 microns) The Non- Leafing are higher average particle size (10-20 microns) and give
a sparkle effect.
Smooth Metallic effect Powder Coatings cannot be produced using the normal powder
coating process because the shear forces that occur during extrusion distort the metallic
particles causing them to loose their lustre. The extrusion process can produce some
excellent bright hammer finish effects but on the whole they tend to be silver and dark grey
  • HCM
  • 8474

operational sequence would be as follows

1. Load Container with powder.
2. Position container under TRR mixer.
3. Operator checks that dust extraction is in place and operational.
4. Start operational sequence.
· Mixer clamps container in position.
· Mixer inverts to mixing position.
· Nitrogen Flow Starts.
· Nitrogen Flow switch indicates a flow.
· Operator Checks Flow rate. (Pre-set at regulator?)
· Sequence Pauses.
· Operator Confirms Flow-rate and presses button to ‘continue’.
· Mixer Starts on Slow Speed.
· Nitrogen Flow continues for Pre-Set Time. (Tbc during commissioning)
· Mixer Speed Increases to Required Heating Speed.
· Heating continues until End Point Reached. (Pre-determined by temperature?)
· Mixer slows to Bonding Speed.
· Electro-pneumatic operator opens butterfly valve.
· Aluminium Metered into Mixer.
· Mixing continues on Low Speed for Pre-determined Time.
· Cooling on to mixer head and container jacket.
· Mixing continues at cooling speed. (operator needs to manually check cooling water
flow and temperature)
· Nitrogen Flow Stops.
· Cooling temperature reached.
· Mixer lowers to discharge position.
· Mixer unclamps container.
· End of Sequence.



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