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The recommended reasons for using a Mixer.

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the applications of industrial products. Given that these brand-new machines have changed people's lives to a great extent. But there are a lot of people who don't know the importance of using a specific machine.

In this report, we will focus on the introduction of a mixer, which plays an important role in mixing industrial powder. The recommended reasons for using a Mixer will be illustrated in detail.

·The working principle of a Mixer.

·The advantages of a Mixer.

·The applications of a V shape mixer.

The working principle of a Mixer.

The mixer does not undergo any chemical reaction during its operation. This equipment is designed to produce a uniform coating powder by using mechanical force and weight to mix more than two materials together evenly. Its main function was to increase the material contact surface area. Generally speaking, the composition structure of the mixer includes the barrel, frame, motor, reducer, and other components, and it has high efficiency.

The advantages of a Mixer.

·Easy to operate

Our mixers are simple in structure and do not require complex processes for their operation. To be more specific, our mixing containers are equipped with removable container clamping and fixed on a stationary trolley mounted on two flexible casters making the unit light in weight and easy to operate.

·High safety

For each mixer, we are equipped with full control, with temperature indication and over-temperature protection, also to prevent safety accidents. Our mixers have a large container volume for low-density products.


The barrel of the mixer is made of stainless steel, with advanced structure and easy operation. This means that it has a long working life.


Different kinds of mixers correspond to different use scenarios. Our company mainly produces V shape mixers, high-speed mixers, double cone mixers, and bonding mixers.

These are the main advantages of our mixers, which guarantee fast mixing speed and uniform quality of the resulting mixed paint. Not only that, but we also provide professional technical guidance service, which can help your mixer to be used smoothly. Besides, this range of advantages also justifies the use of mixers.

The applications of a V shape mixer.

The V shape mixer is one of the representative models of a rotary cylinder mixer. This machine has a unique mixing cylinder structure, uniform mixing, high efficiency, and no accumulation of material. Its main advantage is the short mixing time, which can effectively prevent caking, mainly applicable to additive dilution and premixing.

This is all the information about our mixers, which are simple in structure, easy to operate, and safe. In addition to this, we also offer professional technical guidance and after-sales service. By following the steps, you can produce a uniform quality coating powder. Apart from the V shape mixer, we also specialize in the production of double cone mixers and high-speed mixers. If you would like to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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