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The physical principle of Mixers.

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With the development of the times, increasingly more types of machinery and equipment are being invented. These different machines have a variety of industrial applications and can play an important role in various fields. The machine we are introducing today is the mixer, which is a machine used to mix industrial powders.

Its basic working principle and operation will be highlighted. This bit will provide a brief summary and analysis of the mixer.

·How does a mixer work?

·How to operate a mixer?

·The advantages and disadvantages of a V shape mixer.

How does a mixer work?

·Basic structure

Generally speaking, the composition structure of the mixer includes the barrel, frame, motor, reducer, sprocket, and other components, and the material chosen for manufacturing the barrel is stainless steel.

·Working Process

Mixing refers to the physical participation of two and more materials together without any chemical changes. The motor power is transmitted to the reducer through the belt, and then the reducer is transmitted to the barrel through the coupling. It makes the barrel run continuously and drives the material in the barrel to mix in four directions.

The working principle of the mixer is very simple. The advanced structure, easy operation, and safe operation of our mixers are a series of features that ensure you can get high-quality coating powder. In the next part, we will explain how to operate the mixer in detail.

How to operate a mixer?

There are four main steps to operate the mixer, weighing, loading, mixing, and cleaning. The first step of weighing is a long process because we need to make sure that the product we are weighing is accurate. Besides, the loading is the physical input of a batch of weighed raw materials into the mixer or mixing container, and then ready for mixing. Our mixers have the characteristics of fast mixing speed and uniform quality. Therefore, with the error-free operation, uniform quality coating powder can be produced. After using the mixer, it is necessary to keep the machine clean and it is advisable to carry out daily maintenance of the machine.

The advantages and disadvantages of a V shape mixer.

The V shape mixer is one of the most common mixers available on the domestic market today, and it is also the most typical representative of mixers. Therefore, it is necessary to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the V shape mixer.


As with most mixers, the V shape mixer has a range of features such as fast mixing speed, uniform quality, and high efficiency. In terms of construction, the V shape mixer has a V-shaped barrel. The mixing is based on diffusion and scissors. It also has a low price compared to other types of mixers.


The main disadvantage of the V shape mixer is that it has a large footprint and is not easy to install. In feed mill applications, a V shape mixer is mostly used for dilution and premixing of additives.

The above is V shape mixer, we produce many kinds of mixers, customers can choose according to their needs. The industrial application of the mixer is very wide. It is suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and feed industries. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to our company.



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