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Safety Certified Pneumatic High Speed Bonding Mixer

The process of introducing the aluminium
powder into the mixer immediately prior the
bonding process may easily give rise to an
explosive atmosphere. bonding mixers®
are equipped with integrated nitrogen circuits
as an absolutely safe means of protection.
The nitrogen is fed into the mixer through an
immersion tube and through the shaft seal. It
passes out of the mixer via a sealed filter.
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An efficient and simple method for preparing bonded metallic powder coating

 is in high demand in the paint manufacturing and application industries. The bonding purpose is to keep the mass percentage of metallic pigment consistent between the original and recycled coating powder, which aims at solving
the problem of recyclability. 

One possible method capable of realizing this goal is using the binder to cohere metallic pigment with base particles through a cold bonding method. Through this approach, the pre-curing and high-reject-rate problems generally present in thermal bonding can be completely eliminated.

 In this paper, polyacrylic acid (PAA) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) are applied as binders
for the bonding process. At various dosages of liquid binder and D.I. water, bonded samples with
different bonding effect were prepared. Finally, a good bonding quality with the lowest variance
between the mass concentrations of Al flakes in the original powder (before spray) and deposited
powder (after spray) 2.94% with PAA as a binder and 0.46% with PVA as a binder was achieved. These
results manifest that the cold bonding method is a green and simple approach for preparing the metallic
powder coating



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