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Safety Certified 2 Dimensional High Speed Bonding Mixer

Systems for Metallic Powder Coatings

Professionalism and perfection at every stage of the process are an absolute prerequisite for the immaculate quality of your end products.
The manufacture of metallic powder coatings by the BONDING process demands superlative expertise in both - process and product development.
our engineers lead the field in the
development of solutions to mixing problems of every kind. The most gentlest process for the preparation of powder coatings is one
their developments. It is the combination of engineering expertise and years of experience which produces machines and
technologies that are distinguished by their originality of concept and uniqueness of design.Precision machine design coupled with
optimised technology guarantees absolutely reliable, loss free production and excellent product processing properties - features
which count more than all others when payback is of prime importance.
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For the production of metallic powder coatings, and for the BONDING process of
particularly high brilliance products, such as those used in the automotive industry, 

our mixer offers optimised design and technology. 

Exemplary features include the cooled drive shaft andmixing tools as well as the cooled jacket which prevent the powder from lumping and from becoming deposited on the tools and the walls of the bowl. Various optimally positioned  temperature sensors ensure exact reproducibility of the processing parameters. A device for monitoring

 of the shaft bearing temperature is available as an optional extra.

Control of the entire BONDING process with highest precision provides absolute, certifiable processing reliability.



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