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Introduction of bonding mixer

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The main difference between the so-called bonding mixerand the common mixer is that the mixing process of the bonding mixer has a special treatment step of warming up and softening and bonding. This feature makes it more suitable for the mixing of metal-based powder coatings, i.e. metal powders.

  • Bonding mixer mixing process mechanism

  • Bonding mixer working principle

  • Conclusion

Bonding mixer mixing process mechanism

Metal powder is a mixture of powder coatings and metal pigments. Due to the difference in the proportion of the two components, the physical and chemical properties of the large differences, the use of ordinary post-mixing equipment can also achieve a uniform distribution of the two, but the mixture is exposed to many drawbacks when spraying.

Uneven powdering due to the different specific gravity and charged amount of the two.

Loss of light due to oxidation of exposed metallic pigments.

The proportion of metallic pigments in the ground powder is out of proportion due to the charged amount.

The end result: the spraying effect is greatly reduced, the metallic effect/gloss is poor, and the ground powder is not recyclable. The use of Bonding Mixer can solve the above shortcomings. Its process mechanism is: during the mixing process, the paint is stirred and dispersed at the same time, the material temperature will gradually increase to a softened state. By maintaining this constant temperature, the viscous paint is bonded to the metallic pigment. Each of the tiny pigment particles thus formed is surrounded by the paint. As the bonding progresses, numerous paint pigment enclosures are formed - tiny particles with the metallic pigment as the core and the powder coating as the envelope. These small particles have common structural size and physical and chemical properties, and the same amount of charge when spraying, which provides the best material conditions for the spraying construction and lays a solid foundation of material for the best spraying effect.

Bonding mixer working principle

Similar to the ordinary mixer, Bonding mixer is also driven by the high-speed rotation of the stirring paddle material for rotation, up and down tumbling movement, so that the components of the material cross-distribution of each other to achieve the effect of homogenization of the composition. Unlike ordinary mixers, Bonding mixers have to heat up the material and continue the process of mixing and bonding at a constant temperature. In order to meet the special requirements of heating and temperature control of the Bonding mixer, it has the following special structure.

The cylinder wall and bottom of the material cylinder can pass water, and the area of the waterway package falls to cover the vast majority of the contact area between the material cylinder and the material. The water circuit has the function of heating, cooling, heat preservation and temperature control.

The speed of stirring paddle can be changed steplessly to adapt to the requirements of dispersion intensity and temperature control.

The highly sensitive temperature control system ensures that the materials are bonded at the best bonding temperature. The water temperature, water volume, paddle speed and time controlled by computer can be adjusted by each parameter just right to ensure the accurate and uniform material temperature.

In order to prevent the explosion caused by the electrostatic sparks generated by the friction of metal pigments, the measures of oxygen and nitrogen are taken in the cylinder. Nitrogen is extracted from the compressed air by using a nitrogen generator and passed into the cylinder through a control valve. The above special structure makes the Bonding Mixer have the function of constant temperature bonding requirement.

The working procedure of the Bonding mixer is as follows: filling of the cylinder - rotation of the mixing paddle - constant temperature bonding - cooling - discharge.


As the use of metal powder expands, the amount increases and the quality requirements improve, the market demand for bonded metal powder will become larger and larger. This will certainly promote the supply, variety, performance and quality of Bonding Mixer.

It can be predicted that the Bonding Mixer, like other powder coating production equipment, is both designed for the production of metal powders and improved for the processing requirements of metal powders. The requirements do not stop and the improvements do not end.

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