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Introduction of bonding mixer and maintenance measures

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Bonding mixer is a full-featured COB welding production equipment, the IC chip is precisely positioned on top of the LCD glass and bound device, the whole machine is composed of PLC + HMI control core. The image automatic alignment system PV310 completes the alignment data calculation of the target object, and the product is transferred from the platform to this press for binding and crimping after the alignment and pre-pressing is completed.

Bonding mixer can be used not only for touch screen hot crimp welding, but also for cell phone HDMI data cable hot crimp welding, the use of bonding mixer hot crimp welding effect is very good, and thus widely used by manufacturers, the following we will introduce the working principle of bonding mixer and maintenance measures.

l The working principle of bonding mixer 

l The product advantages of bonding mixer 

l The bonding mixer how to maintain it?

The working principle of bonding mixer  

Bonding mixer uses a transformer to generate a low voltage high current, through the welding head so that it quickly heats up the object connected to this, when the temperature rises to the melting point of the solder (i.e., after rising to a pre-set temperature), will be connected to the object between the tin melt and will be connected together, the general bonding mixer using temperature closed-loop control. Pulse current means the current ON and OFF frequency ratio, the greater the pulse ratio, the greater the current output, the faster the welding head heating, pulse heat press the workpiece in the fixture, send the fixture to the welding head under the double start button, the welding head under the pressure of the workpiece (start heating), the temperature according to the input parameters quickly rise and accurate constant temperature, up to 4 temperature zones, blowing cooling (solder solidification), the welding head up ( finish).  

The product advantages of bonding mixer  

Bonding mixer is mainly used in the normal SMT + reflow oven can not be used for welding devices for welding operations, and the use of soldering iron for welding is prone to inconsistent appearance, uneven, prone to false welding and easy to weld bad products. Bonding mixer is different from the constant temperature soldering iron, bonding mixer in the instant power can reach the desired temperature, and once the soldering head without voltage at both ends, the instant can reach room temperature; and the soldering head flat, so the appearance of welding out flat and consistent, very little false solder bad.  

The bonding mixer how to maintain it?

The platform of the equipment needs to be cleaned, and the transmission needs to be corrected at the same time. When cleaning the platform of the equipment, you can directly use alcohol for cleaning.  

Need to check the bonding mixer's solenoid valve, air circuit and cylinder. If the equipment is found to be blocked in the air circuit need to be cleaned to ensure that the air circuit is smooth. Clean the solenoid valve and adjust the speed of the cylinder operation. 

Check the alignment system for proper operation, check the terminals and circuits, and make adjustments if any. Need to check all the corresponding switches, check whether the input point of the bonding mixer is good, and then adjust the fixed sensor.  

Clean the transmission parts of the bonding mixer, add new grease in some parts, and then check whether the connection between each part is fixed, and mainly also pay attention to the inspection of the pressure head of the bonding mixer. 


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