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How to use a mixer effectively?

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With the increase in the quality of life of people, different kinds of industrial products have started to appear. These products exist to help people achieve greater efficiency when working.

Today we will focus on the mixer, a kind of mixer is a kind of equipment for mixing dry powdery and granular materials, it is also one of the common basic equipment for companies. This article will explain the specific operation of the mixer.

·What are the mixer applications?

·How to operate a mixer effectively?

·How to maintain a mixer?

What are the mixer applications?

The application of mixing is extensive, and the mixer is applied in almost every industry. It is widely used in chemical, pesticide, dyestuff, food, feed, building materials, metallurgy, rare earth, and other powder and powder mixing. The machine is widely adaptable to mixed materials, and there is no strict eyeball to the mixture. In addition, the mixer will not produce overheating of heat-sensitive materials, the granular materials will not press feed and grind, the mixing of materials with different specific gravity and particle size will not produce the phenomenon of separation of chips, it should be noted that the mixer will not have a chemical reaction during the working process, it is a kind of equipment that uses mechanical force and gravity to work.

How to operate a mixer effectively?


In this step, all the ingredients needed for a single mix of a product formulation are dosed together. Depending on the size of the mix, the total amount can be weighed without dosing.


A batch of weighed ingredients is physically fed into a mixer or mixing container ready for mixing. It is good practice to first load some of the bulk ingredients, resin or bulking agent, then add the small ingredients, pigments, and then the balance of the bulk ingredients. This ensures that the pigments are evenly dispersed between the ingredients when the mixing starts. Small amounts of the pigment should be added with the extraction volume turned down to prevent these additions from being lost in the system.


The open-top container of the mixer can be attached to the mixing head to mix a batch of material. The mixing head, after being raised and clamped, presents the material in the container with the mixing rotor. The mixer then works as a shear mixer. It is worth noting that our mixing heads are manufactured from 304 pure stainless steel with a mirror finish. The interior is polished for easy cleaning.


After using the mixer, it is important to remember to clean the mixer, paying particular attention to some dust impurities. At the end of mixing, the container is inverted and lowered onto its trolley so that it can be emptied or disposed of directly from the container and reused for the next batch.

These are the operating steps of the mixer. Our mixers are simple in structure and easy to operate. Apart from that, we also provide professional technical guidance, as long as you follow the steps, you can produce uniform quality paint powder.

How to maintain a mixer?

There are some precautions that need to be noticed. As mentioned above, regular cleaning of the mixer is very important. We recommend that the machine is cleaned every day. In addition, it is important to oil the components prevent wear and tear. Before using the machine, oil the parts that need to be oiled and then run it under no load. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the machine is running normally. If there are any abnormalities, it must be rectified and adjusted in time.



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