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Coupling Compound Food Processing Twin Screw Extruder

Operation of the twin screw extruder
Colbert 5 describes the performance of extruders in
terms of a shear history resulting from a
combination of the shear rate and the time material
is exposed to it (residence time). Co-rotating twin
screw extruders normally operate in a starve fed
manner; that is the solids conveying capacity
exceeds the rate at which useful energy can be
applied to the premix. The output of the extruder is
controlled separately by a volumetric screw feeder
and hence output and screw speed can be varied
independently up to the torque and speed limits of
the extruder. These limits define the total range of
operation and the extruder can be operated
anywhere below the maximum torque line. Within
this regime, mechanical energy input (specific
energy), shear rate, residence times - and therefore
product quality - can be varied. An understanding
of the processing behaviour of Powder Coating
  • TSX
  • 8477

Maximum output will, of course, be achieved at maximum screw speed and torque as shown
schematically. also shown are some of the superimposed lines of constant melt temperature, 

which indicate that reducing extruder screw speed and increasing extruder torque gives rise to lower melt temperature - and consequently reduced mixing intensity - due to reduced shear rate and residence time respectively. Product quality constraints ormaterial intake limits may require that the extruder is operated

 below its maximum potential output.

Developments in Twin Screw Extruders

Over the past two decades, significant steps have been made by extruder manufacturers to improve
the serviceability and output of a unit size machine and hence improve its cost effectiveness. The
technology has moved forward rapidly in terms of manufacturing techniques, torque transmission,
control systems, materials of construction, reliability and process expertise. A number of these
key improvements



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