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Application of ACM in the food processing field

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Many nutritious plant stems, fruits, spores, etc., due to various reasons difficult to eat directly and digestible edibility is low. Traditional processing methods are difficult to make its full effect or processed into products with poor taste. Ultra-fine pulverization technology generally reaches the micron level to break the cell wall structure of plant and animal tissues to obtain the desired material properties. Many edible plants and animals can be processed into superfine powder by ultra-fine grinding technology. Even the inedible parts of plants and animals can be absorbed by the human body through ultrafine pulverization. The application of this technology expands human food sources, making nutritious but indigestible plants and animals into high-end food with edible or even health value. The ultra-fine grinding technology of the air classification mill can be used for more valuable processing of food products.

l The role of ultra-fine grinding technology in the field of food deep processing.

l The application of ultrafine grinding technology in the field of deep processing of food examples

The role of ultra-fine grinding technology in the field of food deep processing.

1. It can improve the biological activity of functional ingredients

Due to the special properties of ultrafine powder such as surface effect, volume effect, quantum effect, tunneling effect, etc., it makes the ultrafine particles have different biological activities from macroscopic substances. For selenium compounds such as sodium selenite and selenomethionine have high bioactivity and toxicity, while zero-valent elemental selenium such as gray and black elemental selenium has almost no bioactivity and toxicity. In contrast, red selenium nanoparticles obtained by making ultramicroscopic particles have good bioavailability value for delaying aging. Ultramicro powder has good absorption and dispersion can improve the activity and bioavailability of nutrients while reducing the amount of functional substances in food.

2. It can enhance the absorption of functional ingredients by organisms

Due to its extremely fine particle size, it can be directly absorbed by human gastrointestinal tract, which can maximize its efficacy and make full use of it. Due to the surface effect, volume effect, quantum effect and macroscopic tunneling effect of the ultra-micro powder particles make its adsorption of the material is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of the material.

3. It can ensure the integrity of raw material components

Ultrafine powder processing is a purely physical process processing does not mix other impurities make ultra-fine health food with pure natural and ensure the integrity of the raw material components. It is easier to store, transport and use after ultra-fine crushing. Due to the high technological content, good quality and efficacy of ultra-fine health food, its value-added rate is also high, which can bring good social and economic benefits to the enterprise.

The application of ultrafine grinding technology in the field of deep processing of food examples

1. plant pollen and spore powder processing

Plant pollen and spore powder monomer have a hard shell, direct consumption will not be absorbed and excreted to affect the utilization of such health food products. The introduction of ultra-fine pulverization technology to plant pollen or spore powder for ultra-micro-breaking crushingcan make its active ingredients can be fully released and thus made of ultra-micro health food to give full play to the medicinal value of the original material can be completely absorbed and used by the human body.

2. Dietary fiber product processing

The physiological function of dietary fiber has a great correlation with its water-holding power and swelling power. The water-holding force, swelling force and fiber specific surface area, particle size has a certain relationship. The smaller the particle size, the larger the specific surface area, the greater the water-holding power and swelling force will be correspondingly increased, which also requires effective ultra-fine grinding means. There are many fiber-rich raw materials in nature such as wheat peel, oat peel, corn peel, bean peel, rice bran, etc. But because the crushing particle size generally does not reach the ultra-fine particle size, so whether from the functional value of the play or from the edible taste, there is a great shortage. The introduction of ultra-fine grinding technology will completely change the utilization of dietary fiber surface and utilization degree. China's traditional soybean products in the processing process will produce a large number of soybean residue. However, because of the odor and poor taste of soybean residue, if directly consumed will greatly affect the taste, texture and function of the product. In fact, soybean residue is a rare source of dietary fiber for human beings with high fiber content, good fiber texture and functional composition. Using ultra-fine grinding technology, soybean residue can be processed into high purity, high quality, high value-added and widely used low-calorie dietary fiber.

3. Fresh animal bone

The use of ultrafine grinding technology to purely physical methods to ultrafine grinding of fresh bone to ensure the integrity of the raw material components to produce a superfine bone mud or superfine fresh bone powder with high calcium content, superfine, high absorption rate, good taste, pure natural and other characteristics have a wide range of applications. Can be made into capsules, bagged punch and tablets can also be used as food additives to make a variety of new multi-nutrient and high calcium, high iron bone powder (mud) series of food. For example, it can be added to sausages, noodles, bread and cookies or used as condiments and soup ingredients with other ingredients, or made into canned bone sauce for the elderly. These foods are ideal functional foods for children with rickets, osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, as well as pregnant women, the elderly and children. In addition, shark, skate and other hard-bone fish cartilage can be made into health food with good anti-cancer effect after ultrafine grinding.


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